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20 thoughts that Troy students have

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Grishma Rimal

Variety Editor

1) I should jump in the fountain.


2) At Moe’s: To queso or not to queso?

Source: © Disney.

3) I wonder who T-ROY is.

Source: ©BBC.

4) There are so many international students.

5) First 2 weeks at the dining hall: “So much food !”

Source: / © StudioGhibli.Inc.

6) After the first two weeks at the dining hall:

Source: ©Pokémon.

7) At the bookstore: So, I have to pay $500 for these books that I will open just once?

Source: /©MontyPhyton. ©BBC.

Source: / © StudioGhibli.Inc.

8)  About the city of Troy: There is nothing to do here.

Source:© 20th Century Fox Television.

9) About general education classes:  So I’m an accounting major who needs to take biology classes? Uhh…

Source: /©20th Century Fox Television.

10)I can’t find parking.©1999 20TH CENTURY FOX FILM CORP.

11) On the non-football weekends: Where did everyone go?


Source:© Warner Bros pictures.

12) All the non-theatre/art students: There is a Malone Hall?

Source:© NBC

13) At Einsteins:

Source:© NBC.

 14) When is the next tuition increase?

Source:© Paramount.

15) Walking out of the library:

 I hope I don’t set off the security system.


16) (Anyone without a meal plan)

 Hey, can you swipe me in?

Source:© Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.

17) 2 months into the semester: Where did all my flex points go?


18) I hope there is free food somewhere tonight.

Source:© Cartoon Network.

19) I want to ride those golf carts.


20) I complain a lot. This place really isn’t that bad at all.


Source: ©WarnerBros.

Source:©Warner Brothers Entertainment.