/Troy’s College Republicans hosts Rick Santorum

Troy’s College Republicans hosts Rick Santorum

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Destiny Hosmer

Staff Writer

Rick Santorum was visiting Troy today for a Republican rally, one of many on the Alabama GOP Endorsement Tour. The Alabama Republican Party, the Republican Party of Pike County and Troy University’s College Republicans sponsored the event.

The Alabama Republican Party held this event for the 2014 Republican Party candidates at the Troy town square on the corner of Oak and Elm Streets from 7 to 9 a.m. The rally was free to the public and open to the media.

According to Britney Garner, the political director for the Alabama Republican Party, the rally was an effort to “promote the Republican party in Alabama and to support the Republican candidates.”

Local Republican candidates include Jimmy Holley, Alan Boothe, Bo Weed and Jason Youngblood. State Attorney General Luther Strange attended the event.

Santorum formerly represented Pennsylvania as a U. S. Senator and is currently a socially conservative Republican Party politician and attorney. In the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination contest, Santorum finished second to Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Cole Lawson, the chairman for the College Republican Federation of Alabama, when asked about the possible outcome of the event, said that a large crowd was expected. “Anyone is invited to attend the rally.”Lawson said that students who are interested in the Republican Party are invited to reach out to Troy’s College Republicans group on campus.

“The College Republicans’purpose is to offer interested students an opportunity to connect with other republicans, make business connections, and serve as an intellectual outlet to its members,”said Lawson.

According to the College Republican Federation of Alabama’s website, “While the CRFA works with local campus chapters to help them provide their student body a fun, politically oriented organization, it also serves as the first point of contact for students who wish to work directly with local and state political leaders and their election campaigns.”There are currently 13 CRFA chapters in the state of Alabama, including Troy University’s.