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Differentiating workship vs. work-study

Lirona Joshi Staff Writer Abhigya Ghimire Staff Writer Even though they sound pretty similar to one another, the terms workship and work-study have a huge difference in their meanings.  According to Troy University’s Financial Aid website, work-study programs are designed to assist students who are in need of employment to pursue their education. Students are assigned Read More

Changes underway for Troy

Bishal Niroula Staff Writer With all the changes Troy has seen in recent years, one can only imagine how Troy will change in the future. While it is difficult to predict, physical changes and academic expansions are underway, according to Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr. In the last 10 years, $171 million of campus facilities — Read More

Opinion: Racism never acceptable

Draven Jackson Arts & Entertainment Editor Growing up in the Deep South and living here my entire life, racism and prejudice are not strangers to me.  Unfortunately, not only have I experienced these within the communities I grew up in, but also in my social spheres – especially from the people I am expected to respect Read More

Troy offers course to find your major

Abhigya Ghimire  Staff Writer If you haven’t decided your major, don’t know where to start or just need an extra credit hour, you’re in luck. To help its students decide which major they should choose, Troy offers a 1-credit hour course called “Major Exploration and Planning.”  Emily Reiss, a career counselor on campus, has been teaching Read More