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Senior thesis art program to be held in the IAC

Pratiksha Joshi Staff Writer The first student art show will be held in the International Arts Center (IAC) to showcase this year’s senior thesis program beginning on Wednesday, May 3. The art show will be held in the Huo Bao Zhu Gallery in the IAC building until Friday, June 30. The Huo Bao Zhu Gallery was named to honor Huo Bao Zhu, who crafted the terracotta army soldiers located in the Janice Hawkins Park. Every student in the graphic design program, or the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) program, must […]

by · April 27, 2017 · Features
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Troy underreporting sex crimes?

Michael Shipma Sports Editor Troy University is most likely underreporting sexual assaults that take place on its campus, according to Herbert Reeves, dean of student services. Reeves said in an interview that while the university is required to provide crime statistics such as murder, sexual assault and robbery, the numbers that it reports are probably lower than the assaults that actually take place. Under the federal Jeanne Clery Act of 1990, all colleges and universities, both public and private, are required to report crimes that occur on or near their […]

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Red Cross hoping for fresh start

Sinclair Portis Staff Writer The Troy University American Red Cross Club has rebooted the organization for a fresh start with all new executive officers and with a dedication of seeking new members. The Red Cross Club has existed on campus since 2011. The club works in partnership with the Red Cross Pike County chapter and national organization. According to the American Red Cross website, the Red Cross “alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.” The club works to […]

by · April 20, 2017 · Features
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Student Spotlight: Karissa Matthews

Sinclair Portis Staff Writer Karissa Matthews, a senior criminal justice major from Atmore, has created a new line of handmade swimwear called Ris Nicole. Matthews said although she never saw herself as an entrepreneur, she believes the idea for her business was God-sent and knew she had to pursue this venture. “I had a dream one night, and then I woke up the next morning and a weight loss commercial with a girl in a swimsuit was on, so I called my sister and said, ‘I’m going to start a […]

by · April 7, 2017 · Features
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Letter-writing workshop to be held

Zach Henson Staff Writer The Troy University Writing Center is hosting a letter-writing workshop on Saturday, April 15, from 10 a.m. until noon. Participants in the Writing Center’s “The Art of the Letter” workshop will have the opportunity to learn about the history of letter writing using examples from several literary figures. In addition, attendees will get to write three letters; one of these letters will be a response to a letter from a student in Nairobi. Patricia Harris, the Writing Center coordinator, said she wondered what would make students […]

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(CONTRIBUTED/ Lydia Williams)

Student Spotlight: Lydia Williams

Sinclair Portis Staff Writer Lydia Williams, a junior broadcast journalism major from Lillian, is building a corporation with her business of photography and makeup, while juggling being a student. Williams began taking photos at the age of 14 and edited them herself. Some of her peers began noticing her talent and encouraged her work. From there, she was accepted into the Young Entrepreneur Academy at Foley High School. This program allows “students in grades 6-12 to generate business ideas, conduct market research, write business plans, pitch to a panel of […]

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Why go Greek? Students share insight on fraternities, sororities

Lasata Shrestha Staff Writer On the heels of Greek Week, Troy students discussed why they personally chose to join Greek organizations. According to U.S. News, almost one out of every three students at Troy are members of the Greek community. With 22 nationally recognized Greek organizations, there is no doubt of Greek life’s prominence at Troy. While many people join Greek organizations to gain a social network and a sense of community, there are countless other perks to Greek life that attract students. “I knew about the old tests, lab […]

by · March 30, 2017 · Variety
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Seminar to discuss social justice

Pratiksha Joshi Staff Writer The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) is organizing a daylong seminar entitled “Social Justice and Fairness” to take place on Saturday, April 1, in Patterson Hall Room 300 from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. “We at the Johnson Center are the bridge between Troy University and IHS,” said David Hebert, assistant professor of economics and finance. “Several professors at the Johnson Center have worked closely with the IHS before, so when the IHS proposed this event to the Troy University administration, we took the necessary steps […]

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Student Spotlight: Aaron Wilhite

Sinclair Portis Staff Writer Aaron Wilhite, a junior marketing major from Spanish Fort, has started his own photography and video production business. Wilhite’s passion for film began as a hobby after he received a camcorder as a present for Christmas. He and his next-door neighbor began creating videos of parodies of commercials or other silly videos for fun. “This is when YouTube first came out, like back in 2006,” Wilhite said. “I just loved uploading videos to YouTube, no matter what it was. We were like 12 at the time […]

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Trojans share spring break stories

Anushka K.C. Staff Writer According to Time Magazine, the arrival of spring, also known as the season of fertility and awakening, was historically celebrated in honor of Dionysus or Bacchus, the Greek and Roman gods of wine. Similarly, spring break is now a time to rejuvenate and take a break from hustle and bustle of everyday life. Spring break has now past. The week-long vacation tempts all students to take a break from their day-to-day schedule. Whether it be spending time at home or going somewhere, there are many stories […]

by · March 16, 2017 · Variety