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Posts published by “Opinion”

Delusional government, not immigrants, biggest threat to United States

Pradyot Sharma Section Editor The United States government has been partially shut down for more than 25 days now, making it the longest shutdown in history. This stemmed from President Donald Trump’s refusal to sign a budget bill unless Congress allocates $5.6 billion for a border wall.  In what shouldn’t be a surprise, the President has Read More

Upcoming town hall raises drug, alcohol abuse awareness

Asem Abdelfattah Assistant News Editor The Department of Outreach is inviting Troy students to attend a town hall meeting that aims to show college students the effects of drug and alcohol use in the Trojan community, according to Kimbrlei McCain. McCain, the coordinator of the Department of Outreach, explained that by educating students on the effects Read More

SGA prepares for the new year

Zach Henson Editor-in-Chief Erin Jones Staff Writer In its first meeting of 2019, the Student Government Association (SGA) discussed its goals for the coming semester and electing new senate members. “This year we’re really focusing on communication between executives, the senate and then the students,” said Morgan Tew, a senior biomedical sciences major from Tallassee and Read More

Constitutional amendment cannot be a campaign issue

Scott Shelton Staff Writer President Trump suggested he could get rid of the 14th Amendment, which guarantees birthright citizenship, by simply issuing an executive order.  “It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment,” Trump said in an interview with Axios. “Guess what? You don’t. “You can definitely do it with an act Read More

Abortion ballot proposition not an issue for state

Sam Stroud Staff Writer The new trend among states these days has become ignoring certain laws they don’t have much affinity for.  We’ve seen this with “sanctuary cities,” where states such as California and Washington have decided the federal immigration laws in place aren’t worth enforcing.   Alabama has joined this trend now with the ratification Read More