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Posts published by “Opinion”

New Amazon sales tax shipping this fall

Whitney Cale Staff Writer There will be yet another tax imposed on Alabama residents beginning in November. Online shopping is quickly becoming customers’ first choice when it comes to purchasing products. Why? Because it’s easy. “Online shopping is sort of like ordering a pizza; it’s delivered right to your door,” said Emily Pierce, a freshman math Read More

Sushi rolls onto campus

Katie Miller Staff Writer As students return to the University this semester, they will find new opportunities, relationships and experiences to improve their current lives and futures. The topic of new food, however, shocked several students, as sushi was included among Troy’s dining options. Sushi is now found in locations such as Quick Zone, Trojan Center Read More

Lottery bill sparks controversy

Matt Firpo Opinion Editor The start of this week marks the beginning of a special session of the Alabama state Legislature, which Gov. Robert Bentley called to specifically propose bills to enact a state lottery. Gambling has a long, complicated history, dating back to 1901 when the state banned gambling in the Alabama constitution. Gambling is Read More

Letter to editor: National Autism Awareness Month

Kimber Griffin Contributor There are many organizations that are trying to bring awareness to certain diseases, disorders and preventions this month. One of the most important campaigns to me is National Autism Awareness. I am personally drawn to this disorder because I have an uncle that suffers from autism and many other handicaps. According to, Read More

Letter to the editor: are you distracted by technology?

Autumn Wascher Contributor Do you find yourself spending more time staring at the same screen everyday rather than admiring your current surroundings? Think about how many wasted moments we spend scrolling through people’s news feed, timeline, or Twitter feed. Perhaps the posts belong to people you may not particularly like, or some you don’t even know. Read More

Letter to the editor: Troy University should place more American flags on campus

Jacob Fitchett Contributor As I casually walk from my fraternity house to my classes in Bibb Graves and Patterson I can’t help but notice the beautiful flags the University have recently erected behind Hawkins, but something is missing. There are two locations on campus that outwardly display our pride as the largest international university in the Read More

Letter to the editor: public transportation needs some improvement

Bala Thumma Contributor Being from a big city, I have always had access to public transportation to get anywhere. When I moved to Troy without a car, my options were limited, and I had to adapt accordingly. Although there are some options available in Troy, I think there is room for improvement. Troy University transportation system Read More

Changing Your Future

Laura Parker Contributor What are you waiting for? Troy University is in our community, and it can help you change your life. I have people tell me they wished they could go to school, and I tell them to apply right now. Don’t wait for today to go by, because ten years later you might say, Read More

Letter to the editor: intercultural events in Troy University

Huijin Park Contributor We have a large number of international students in Troy University. According to Forbes, they make up about 4 percent of the student population of all campuses. However, we meet international students everyday in our classes. To help build good relationships between international students and American students, there are a variety of events Read More

Letter to the editor: Demarcus Ware Day

Andrew Mckelvie Contributor April 19, 2016, is now officially considered to be a part of not only Troy University’s history, but Alabama’s history as well. This particular day was dedicated to NFL icon DeMarcus Ware for his outstanding career as a professional athlete and overall positive mentor to society. After playing football at and graduating from Read More

Last words from the Trop’s chief: A farewell from the Tropolitan’s editor, Ngoc Vo, to you

Ngoc Vo Editor-in-Chief Our adviser, Assistant Professor Steve Stewart, says that our staff’s farewell columns are an indulgence, mostly because they are often more valuable to us than to our readers. This kept me thinking for a while: there must be a way; there must be something of value we offer in our last time expressing Read More

Pictures worth a thousand memories

Hannah Crews Photographer It’s hard to believe that I have been a part of the Tropolitan for all for all four years of my college career. I started out as a novice photographer under the supervision of Tyler Myers, found my way under April Irvin and now the newest photo editor Holly Ammons. The past four Read More