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Posts published by “Opinion”

Pictures worth a thousand memories

Hannah Crews Photographer It’s hard to believe that I have been a part of the Tropolitan for all for all four years of my college career. I started out as a novice photographer under the supervision of Tyler Myers, found my way under April Irvin and now the newest photo editor Holly Ammons. The past four Read More

Time flies when you’re having fun

Samantha Bankester Graphic Design Editor Time sure does fly by when you are having fun! It feels like yesterday I was beginning my journey at Troy University, and now I am less than three weeks away from graduation. These past four years at Troy have gone by so quickly, but I couldn’t have asked for a Read More

Go out and challenge yourself: ‘It has been one of the best and most rewarding ventures I have taken here at Troy’

Grishma Rimal News Editor When A&E editor goddess Kianna Collins first asked me if I would be interested in joining the Tropolitan’s editorial staff, I said “yes” without a second’s thought. Had I mulled over it, I might have hesitated. The endless hours of chasing sources, the panic attacks you get when writers cancel on stories Read More

‘The truth is all that matters:’ Last advice from the Chief Copy Editor

Thomas Gleaton Chief Copy Editor Someone once said: “No one ever gets into journalism to be liked.” As much as we want to be accepted by peers or colleagues, sometimes that cannot happen. There will always be that one person who just doesn’t like you for one reason or another. The way I see it, it’s Read More

Get on board with Boar’s Head

Whitney Cale Staff Writer Boar’s Head is one of my favorite hotspots to eat on campus. They have it all! Craving a scrumptious sandwich? Desiring a succulent salad? Wanting some savory soup? Go on down to Boar’s Head. Before entering the front doors, my companion and I had already decided what we were going to order: Read More

The lights, the cameras, the action; Working on the Trop has been a fun ‘crop’ fest

April Irvin Photography Editor I always said I would never write for the Trop until I wrote this farewell. I was wrong. I learned to interview people, including Chancellor Jack Hawkins, and eventually I somehow ended up getting credited for writing a story.  How did this even begin? Freshman year I met a girl named Jill Read More

Letter to the editor: The risks it takes to build a parking deck

Ryland Fisher Contributor Every semester there seems to be one unsolvable issue, an issue that seems to bind the entire student body into one, focused complaint — why hasn’t Troy built a parking deck when the parking every fall semester seems to be bursting at the seams? The financial burden the university would undertake is to Read More

Stir fry on the fly at Mein Bowl: Reviewing the Trojan Center’s ‘authentic Asian cuisine’

Katie Miller Staff Writer Mein Bowl — the trustworthy food chain for on-the-go students. Only have 15 minutes to grab a bite? Sesame chicken sounds as good as anything. Has it been a long day of classes and you don’t want to walk all the way to the Trojan Dining Hall? Mein Bowl also has rice Read More

The Tropolitan’s view on the pet ban: A compromise that works for everyone should be made

Editorial Board Tuesday, the Student Government Association’s proposed bill for removing the pet ban on campus was turned down. However, the ban has caused quite a stir from the student body — even among the Tropolitan staff. The pet-on-campus ban seems to be dear to many of our staff’s hearts, and we think it may also Read More

The ‘Saga’ keeps going: Part 2 review of the Trojan Dining Hall

Katie Miller Staff Writer Whitney Cale Staff Writer The Trojan Dining Hall prepares new food each week to satisfy busy and hungry students, but if you’re just not feeling the new dishes, you can always count on the regulars: pizza, salad and, of course, the dessert bar. Pizza! Pizza!: Initially, the choice of pizza was limited Read More

A ‘Saga’ like no other: A food review of the Trojan Dining Hall

Katie Miller Staff Writer Whitney Cale Staff Writer Many students rely on access to Trojan Dining Hall, otherwise known as Saga, as their primary source of daily meals. In between classes, students can join their friends and spend hours inside, eating from an endless buffet of food. Typically the food is adequate, but at the busiest Read More