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Minority participation lacking on campus

Larry Willis Staff Writer Quinta Goines Contributor After the recent homecoming court election and years of participating in voting during elections, it is becoming more evident that minority presence is not heavily reflected at the university. Recent homecoming court candidate Khadijah Torbert, a senior broadcast journalism and global business marketing major from Opelika, said the homecoming Read More

Tech in classrooms

Katie Miller Staff Writer Freshman computer science major Chandler Robinson’s chosen method of note-taking is his laptop, because he “can’t write as well or as fast” as he can type. Robinson, from Birmingham, is an advocate for technology inside the classroom. “I won’t have to handle a lot of papers that I’ll probably lose,” Robinson said, Read More

Letter to the editor concerning “Parking mayhem upsets Trojans” article and the parking issue:

Heath Barton SGA President Troy University has faced a problem for the past few years, one which has affected not only students, but also faculty and staff as well. This issue is one that deals with the amount of parking that is available on campus and the inability to find a parking spot by all Trojans. Read More

Parking mayhem upsets Trojans

Grishma Rimal News Editor Larry Willis Staff Writer Andrew Strahan Contributor Over 200 students had a less-than-pleasant start to the semester. They were ticketed for various parking issues on the first day of classes, and at least four cars were towed as well. Student outrage has poured out over social media; and an online petition to Read More

Rape: No consent, no sex

Editorial Board If anyone is unconscious, do not have sex with him or her. There, we have said it. It is incredible that this had to be published in any form, or that it had to be taught to anyone at all. We understand that many people come from different backgrounds, and some people are not Read More

Let colleges punish Greeks’ violations

If, in good faith, a university seeks to protect its students from sexual assault, it should have the right to do so. The Fraternity & Sorority Political Action Committee, also known as FratPAC, is lobbying Congress to make it more difficult for universities to investigate sexual assault allegations. According to Bloomberg News, the North-American Interfraternity Conference, Read More

Be sure to vote

Since the United States declared independence in 1776, there have been numerous movements to return the right to vote to citizens disenfranchised on the basis of their wealth, religion, race, gender and age. Despite the ever-ongoing efforts to restrict voting rights, those rights have become significantly more inclusive. The increase in the youth vote and the Read More

Letter to the Editor: Troy understands and celebrates our diversity

Larry Fogelberg Assistant Professor Division of Economics and Finance At the beginning of this new school year, it only makes sense to focus on what makes Troy University special and what makes the Troy campus particularly special. It would be impossible to talk about those without focusing on what makes the Troy community so special. We Read More

Trojan spirit lacking with students

Kelley Curren Dear Troy Students, Stop wearing Auburn and Alabama attire around campus. It is extremely insulting to the school that you currently attend to wear another college’s logo. If you want to be at Auburn or Alabama, go there. Otherwise, appreciate the school that’s giving you an opportunity to better yourself. Troy, not Alabama or Read More