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Posts published by “Opinion”

Make your dorm feel like home

Zach Henson Editor in Chief Since the newness of the academic year has worn off, many students may be starting to feel a bit homesick, and although not everyone can simply zip home for a quick family visit, there are some ways to help make college feel a bit more like home. In my going-on-four years Read More

Kavanaugh appointment does not make Supreme Court illegitimate

Sam Stroud Staff Writer Despite the protests and speculations, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court on Saturday. Now that stopping Kavanaugh from sitting on the Supreme Court is not possible, the left is claiming the court is no longer legitimate. They say this is true because of the accusations Kavanaugh faced, the fact that Read More

Alabama must vote policy over hypocrisy

Emma Daniel Staff Writer Alabama likes to consider itself morally perfect compared to other states, since it is smack-dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. Sadly, it seems our supposed morality is a cover-up; Alabama was named No. 1 in political corruption by Illinois State University’s Institute for Corruption Studies. We take the first spot Read More

Christians ought to prioritize issues — not political parties

Taylor Walding Variety Editor Rather than swear allegiance to a particular political party, Christians ought to pledge allegiance only to their faith and vote on issues, not parties. If the current political climate hasn’t made Christians aware that their faith and doctrine doesn’t fall under one political party’s umbrella, I don’t know what will. Controversy surrounding Read More

Hearings evidence Kavanaugh wrong choice for top court

Pradyot Sharma Opinion Editor While the Senate hearings on the sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh did not bring conclusive evidence to warrant closure, Kavanaugh’s statements and body language showed us he is not temperamentally fit for the top court.  Throughout the hearing, Kavanaugh seemed more like a candidate fighting for political office Read More

Twitter loses valuable customer to national text alert system

Zach Henson Editor-in-Chief  Pradyot Sharma Opinion Editor After testing the presidential alert system Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced that he will abandon Twitter in favor of the new system.  “THE LYING MEDEA CANT BLOCK THE ALRTS LIKE THEY CAN BLOC ME ON TWEETTER,” Trump sent out in the alert after the initial test.  A source in Read More

Congress must protect Mueller if Trump fires Rod Rosenstein

Scott Shelton Staff Writer There have been doubts surrounding Rod Rosenstein’s job, according to mixed reports on Monday. Because of this, I believe Congress must create legislation protecting Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation from executive interference.  Rosenstein is the primary obstacle between Trump and Mueller’s investigation, which Rosenstein oversees after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself Read More

Faith compels me

Taylor Walding Variety Editor Throughout my three-year run with the Trop, I have avoided opinion writing like the plague. In person, I enjoy controversy and debate but stirring it up with an unknown audience behind computer screens seems far more daunting to me than a face-to-face discussion. Online debates further perpetuate an already polarized culture, leaving Read More