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Jane Morrell photo
Jamie Bennett (right), an English major from Jacksonville, Florida, who was a junior in the spring, talks with Barnes and Noble textbook manager Nichelle Green about purchasing and renting textbooks for next semester.

Don’t waste money on textbooks

Jane Morrell Paige Bartlett lays her syllabus on the table, sips coffee and begins to compare prices on for a required textbook. “There are several ways I go about purchasing books,” Bartlett, a nursing major from Decatur who was a junior in the spring, says as she scrolls through her options. Every student has had to face this struggle of purchasing textbooks, and everyone has his or her own system. The Barnes and Noble bookstore on campus is one way to buy textbooks, and the best way to save […]

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Chart by Kimberly Steele
This is a radial chart  that shows the various reasons students have visited the Student Counseling Center from Jan. 2014 to Dec. 2014. Stress/Anxiety: 457, Depression: 331, Suicidal thoughts 149.

Strategies, resources help you defeat stress

Kimberly Steele 792. That’s how many Troy students were seen last year by the Student Counseling Center. That number may seem big, but a University of Pittsburgh psychologist, Robert Gallagher, has noted that the ages of 18 to 25 are the prime time for serious mental conditions to emerge. Fran Scheel, a counselor and coordinator at the Student Counseling Center for 17 years, understands this. “Some of the common stressors for incoming students are adjusting to a new environment, learning to balance the social and academic demands of the college […]

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Emily Paige Blodgett photo
Kaitlyn Boswell (left), a political science major from Rapid City, South Dakota, who was a sophomore in the spring, and Nikki Thompson, an exercise science major from Alexander City who was a senior in the spring, catch up as they walk on the treadmill in the gym in the Trojan Center.

A guide to avoid the freshman 15

Emily Paige Blodgett Students can learn how to avoid the freshman 15 and stay well by knowing the services offered at Troy University and nearby. “How far do you have to walk to get an apple?” said Dr. Theresa Johnson, associate professor teaching classes in nutrition, as she explained what a food desert is. It’s when you don’t have a lot of access to fresh fruits, and you do have access to fat and sugar. This happens when the cafeteria shuts down at night. Troy students have food options on […]

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Martika Wimbeorly, a marketing major from Mobile who was a senior in the spring, and Xavier Harris, a broadcast journalism major from Montgomery who was a junior in the spring, participate in the Geek Fest.

Finding your niche at Troy University

Tamela Staples IMPACT gives you the opportunity to connect with organizations that will be valuable in your college career, according to Quinta Goines. Goines, a multimedia journalism major from Needham, Alabama, who was a junior in the spring, is a Trojan Ambassador and president of M.I.S.S. Elite Society. “When you go to IMPACT, scope out two or three organizations that you really like,” she said. “And make up your mind to join them. You will meet some of your best friends from organizations, you’ll be able to network with people, […]

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Jack Hawkins

Chancellor’s guidance for achievement

Jack Hawkins Jr., Ph.D. Chancellor On behalf of the Troy University family, welcome to the 2015 IMPACT sessions, which are designed to provide an orientation to your college home. By choosing TROY, you have selected a University steeped in tradition, as we were founded in 1887 as a teacher-training institution. Today, we are a doctoral-level University that offers more than 70 different major fields of study. TROY is recognized consistently for outstanding student service and campus safety, as The Princeton Review has named us as a “best value” University for […]

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Yen Bui photo
Chad Downs, a marketing major from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, who was a senior in the spring, met the native tribal women in Vietnam during his study abroad in 2012. Downs said his time abroad was a valuable experience for him.

Experience college beyond boundaries

Ngoc Vo His first journey to Vietnam started a different chapter of his life. Chad Downs, a marketing major from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, who was a senior in the spring, took part in the Troy Study Abroad program to Vietnam in the summer of 2012. That was where he met Yen Bui, a Vietnamese Troy student who is now his wife. The diverse student population at Troy University poses a variety of opportunities for students to advance personally and professionally whether they stay on campus or travel. Downs said […]

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Anna Jacobson (left), sophomore nursing major from Union Springs, lived with Emily Call, sophomore political science major from Raleigh, Missouri, in Hamil Hall. They became best friends and expect to be roommates in the future.

A-list tips for roommate friendships

Hannah Crews Camri Martin-Bowen said she is glad she got to experience having a roommate early in her college career. “It’s brought me out of my shell,” said Martin-Bowen, a nursing major from Wetumpka who was a freshman in the spring. “I was tired of being an introvert all my life.” A roommate can end up being friend or enemy. Here is some advice from past roommates, resident assistants and housing staff. n Contacting the roommate: “It did take a long time to contact my roommate because she didn’t check her […]

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An empty beer can was dropped on the ground in the parking lot behind Wallace Hall. Troy University has zero tolerance on underage drinking.

You can’t drink on campus if under 21

Chase Robinson Josie Thrasher, a mathematics education major from Roanoke, Alabama, who was a senior in the spring, asked her roommate to remove alcohol from the room they shared in Hamil Hall. Both were under the legal drinking age of 21. “I gave her a week, and a week later, it was still there,” Thrasher said. “I went to our RA and let her handle it.” Thrasher said the rules regarding possession and use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs on campus and in the dorms are clearly explained at the […]

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Kiara McClellan photo
Zaya Johnson, a computer science major from Alexander City who was a freshman in the spring, at one of the emergency call boxes on campus. These boxes can be recognized by their blue lights.

College safety is a thing to be learned

Kiara McClellan “My life was in danger one night after leaving a party,” said Alphonso Martinez, a psychology major from Buena Vista, Georgia, who was a freshman in the spring. He and some of his friends attended a house party one night where a man who seemed intoxicated was making doughnuts with a sports car in an apartment complex parking lot. Martinez was almost hit. “As I was crossing the street, all I could hear was a loud engine in the background and hearing him come closer and closer,” he […]

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Kiara McClellan photo
New football coach Neal Brown has players run offense techniques during spring practice on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

New season, new coach, new prospects

Kiara McClellan Troy University’s new head football coach, Neal Brown, said his team is preparing for the 2015 season by working on physical and mental toughness, discipline, confidence and accountability. “We’ve got to get bigger and stronger,” Brown said. “That’s our No. 1 emphasis.” Brown succeeded coach Larry Blakeney, whose record was 178-113-1 in his 24 seasons at Troy. Blakeney retired after the 2014 season, in which the Trojans won three games and lost nine. Brown is Troy’s 21st head coach. At 35, he is the second-youngest head coach in […]

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