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Letter to the editor: The Special Olympics brings communities together, raises awareness

Sung eun Shin Contributor Through May 20-22 2016, the Special Olympics Alabama state games will be held at Troy University. The Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities from worldwide countries, and they hold Olympic games in various countries and regions worldwide. This May at Troy, approximately 1,400 athletes, coaches and chaperones will come to Troy and compete in about 10 professional sports games. In my opinion, the Special Olympics means a lot in terms of development for regional society and impact to people, […]

by · April 7, 2016 · Opinion
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Letter to the editor: Allowing pets on campus has many benefits for students and the university

Tayler Bruce Contributor In my first semester of college at Troy, I decided to get a dog. I rescued a 9-month-old half Lab, half Weimaraner from the Ozark humane society. I lived off campus in an apartment, but at the time, dogs were still allowed on campus. Frequently, my roommate and I would take our dogs on a walk through campus or take them to the field in front of the Trojan Arena to run around freely under our surveillance. While we were on a walk one day during the […]

by · April 7, 2016 · Opinion
Letter to the editor: A way to help save the environment

Letter to the editor: A way to help save the environment

Mishal Shahid Contributor The earth is in trouble — species are disappearing, rivers and streams are running dry and rain forests are being destroyed. Clearly something is not working! Our system of environmental laws and regulations does not actually protect the environment. At the best, all it does is slow the rate of destruction. We don’t know enough to be able to anticipate what the long-term consequences will be. Hence, we should start recognizing the rights of ecosystem and make changes from today to make our tomorrow better. Being a […]

by · April 7, 2016 · Opinion
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What about the issues of ‘now’? A discussion of Hank Klibanoff’s speech at the symposium held last Thursday

Jessica Parker Contributor The annual M. Stanton Evans Symposium on Money, Politics and the Media, presented by the Hall School of Journalism and Communication, was held last Thursday in the Trojan Center Ballrooms, and Pulitzer Prize winner Hank Klibanoff was the keynote speaker. Klibanoff spoke at Troy University on the murder and mayhem that occurred during the civil rights movement. Klibanoff was born in Florence and worked with newspapers for 36 years. He is the co-author of “The Race Beat,” a book that describes the key role journalism played during […]

by · February 18, 2016 · Opinion
Professor puts her best foot forward for cancer awareness

Professor puts her best foot forward for cancer awareness

Bronte Pruitt Contributor The world gains a pink hue come the month of October. Ribbons, bracelets, even pom-poms for Friday night cheerleaders go pink to raise awareness for breast cancer. Come November, however, that color starts to fade and we no longer see the “Save the Ta-tas” slogan everywhere. For Jacqueline Jones, a Troy University biosciences professor, cancer awareness is a yearlong pursuit. Having a Ph.D. in integrative biosciences, Jones has extensive training in cancer pathology and bone immunology. “From Nov. 20-23, I will be participating in the Susan G […]

by · November 12, 2015 · Features
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Ann Rosenheck: a symbol of hope

Santana Wood Contributor On Thursday, Nov. 5, students gathered for a rare opportunity to hear someone who survived through one of the most horrific episodes in modern history. “If there is anyone who embodies a sense of hope, it’s Ann Rosenheck,” said Hal Fulmer, dean of first year studies. Rosenheck, a Holocaust survivor, shared her story with the visitors at a public lecture. Though her experience was ugly, one could sense her great sense of optimism and how grateful she was to be able to share her story with others. […]

by · November 6, 2015 · News
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Holocaust survivor shares stories

Kat Rogers Staff Writer “We had air, and if it was raining, we quickly licked the rain, and food, no food. It was unusual and terrible. And then we ended up in Auschwitz. It was the ugliest of ugliest of ugliest.” Ann Rosenheck, a Czechoslovakian Holocaust survivor, recalled this memory from the time she and her family were put on a train and taken to the Nazi concentration camp. Rosenheck, 84, is on the Troy campus this week, and she spoke to a workshop for high school and middle school […]

by · November 5, 2015 · Features, News

Halloween Happenings

Santana Wood Contributor   Crisp, fall air has finally arrived, and Halloween is approaching. There are several fun, spooky things to do around Troy to celebrate the season.   Alysia Spivey, a sophomore communication major from Enterprise, said her family has a tradition of going to Aplin Farms. It is located at 2729 County Rd. 49 in Dothan.   Aplin Farms has a corn maze, a pumpkin patch, several activities for the kids and Spivey’s favorite, a sunflower garden. Spivey said it is fun for her to watch the kids […]

by · October 28, 2015 · Features
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Welcome to ‘Family Feud’!

Quinta Goines Contributor A Troy University student had the opportunity to watch himself on the small screen this week. Denzel McGill, a senior business major from Birmingham, recently competed on the game show “Family Feud,” hosted by comedian Steve Harvey. McGill and his family, who competed under the family name Henry, made it to the fast money round five times in a row. The family won $20,000 in one of the fast money rounds, and qualified to win a car after the fifth game. His aunt applied and then went […]

by · October 22, 2015 · Features
Phi Kappa Phi chapter recognized for work

Phi Kappa Phi chapter recognized for work

Madina Seytmuradova Staff Writer The Phi Kappa Phi Chapter Recognition Program has recognized the Troy University chapter as a Chapter of Excellence for the 2014-2015 year. The Phi Kappa Phi honor society recognizes outstanding students in all academic disciplines. To be distinguished as “excellent,” chapters have to meet many criteria. “There’s a checklist of about 30 different items you, as a chapter, need to be active in,” said Jerry Johnson, professor of design and Troy Phi Kappa Phi chapter president. “And one of those was to apply for a grant, […]

by · October 15, 2015 · News