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Posts published in “Arts & Entertainment”

Comic envisions future with no Internet… and newspapers?

by: Jonathan Bryant The Internet has become our virtual depository. Dirty laundry is aired in the backyard that is social networking.  Dreams and aspirations are on display for all the world to see.  Sometimes, we even post our deepest, darkest secrets far from prying eyes… or so we think. Cell phone contacts, music libraries, credit card Read More

Long Tribute

by: The Troy University Symphony Band will be delivering a tribute to John M. Long in the form of a pair of concerts. The first is slated for tonight at 7 p.m. inside Claudia Crosby Theater, while the second performance on March 28 at the Davis Theater for the Performing Arts in Montgomery at 7 p.m. Read More

Trojan English & Art Students Collaborate

This year Troy University English majors and art majors are coming together to create an effective student collaboration. Troy University’s student-run literary journal, “The Rubicon,” ended taking submissions on Friday, and the nearly 80 submitted pieces of work were sifted through and handpicked by its editors. After the selection process, the designing of the journal begins, Read More

Budding Artists Keep Art Scene Alive

By:  Jonathan Bryant Art By: Hannah Crews   This past weekend, Malone Gallery was home to an altogether different, yet equally impressive, kind of art. The Troy University Department of Art and Design hosted the Visual Arts Achievement Program (VAAP) exhibition and competition on Saturday, March 2. The exhibit is unique in that it includes works Read More

Destiny of Shooters

by: Jonathan Bryant If there’s one common complaint facing shooters these days, it’s a near-universal lack of ambition. With the Call of Duty franchise dropping annually like sports titles (How long can warfare truly feel modern?) and other games succumbing to similar tropes (killstreaks, etc.), it’s not hard to lose a little faith in the genre. Read More

Friman Poetry

By: Jonathan Bryant Poetry enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike are in for a treat today at 4 p.m. in Hawkins Hall, where esteemed poet Alice Friman will be holding a poetry reading. Hopefully, students will get a lot more out of the event than just a Troy University 1101 Orientation passport credit. Friman’s prolific career as a Read More

Chicago Preview

by: Zach Winslett Photos by: Visarut Pawawongsak Troy’s Department of Theatre and Dance is readying to “razzle and dazzle” on-campus audiences with its impressive female performers in “Chicago.” The musical centers on two murderesses, Velma Kelly (Grace Bailey) and Roxie Hart (Kara McDowell), vying for infamy, attention and freedom. Billy Flynn (Quade Sewell) is a lawyer Read More

Magic Show

By: Chase Roninson Photo by: Heather Alleman The Troy Arts Council presented Spencers Theatre of Illusion Tuesday night in Claudia Crosby Theater. The Spencers, Kevin and Cindy, used their skills at illusion to share their passion for the art of magic. The Spencers are an award winning act, having recently been named International Magicians of the Read More

Frequency Studio

by: Jonathan Bryant A group of Troy’s most talented musicians will soon Frequency (often stylized as “frequency”), the John M. Long School of Music’s vocal jazz ensemble, will be delivering the second of its two performances in the Pike County area on Feb. 19. The concert starts at 7 p.m. in downtown Troy at The Studio Read More

“Home” Play Review

by: Amanda Lewis Photo By: Heather Alleman The true meaning of home is a question for every soul. Assistant Professor Quinton Cockrell of Troy University’s Department of Theatre and Dance directed the well-known play “Home” by Samm-Art Williams. The play premiered Feb. 11-13. Cockrell said he was intrigued 15 years ago by a production he saw Read More

Identity Thief

By: Jill Odom “Identity Thief” dull and pointless, nothing funny about it. While “Identity Thief” held great promise— from the two lead actors Jason Bateman (“Horrible Bosses”) and Melissa McCarthy (“Bridesmaids”) to the hilarious trailer—all the movie’s gems were used in the trailer. Sadly, there are only a couple more jokes to speak of, and those Read More

Apollo Night at Troy University

by: Kianna Collins Photos by: Heather Alleman Apollo Night, hosted by the NABJ, showcased the talents of eight individuals and left it to the crowd to decide who was the most talented. The announcer, Juan Starks, made enthusiastic comments throughout, even if things didn’t go so well for the performers. The performances were entertaining, but one Read More

Journalism Reloaded

By:  Zachary Winslett   Traditional trains of thought are often deserving of respect, but they are not immune to scrutiny. Journalism has recently been faced with abandoning traditional thought, as the advent of news sources on the Internet has challenged print-based media. Troy University’s recent renaming of its print journalism program to multimedia journalism demonstrates the Read More

The Dark Knight Returns

By: Sawcy Potts Frank Miller’s legendary 1986 Batman story has been adapted for the two-part animated movie, “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.” The 15th entry in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series is finally complete. This is an odd article to write since part one was released on September 25, 2012, and part two just Read More