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Cinema society hosts first international indie film festival

Draven Jackson Staff Writer The Cinematography Society will be hosting Troy’s first Indie Film Festival on Wednesday, March 29, in Claudia Crosby Theater. The Indie Film Festival will consist of short films submitted from all over the world. “Since Troy is such an international university, we want to embrace the international idea, so we have submissions from France, Brazil and all across America,” said Hope Rangel, a sophomore computer science major from Decatur. “We are hoping it will be something people will enjoy and something that’s a little different.” Rangel […]

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Janoska Ensemble begins U.S. tour in Troy

Lacey Alexander Staff Writer A Vienna-based musical ensemble will start its U.S. tour with a concert in Troy on Friday. On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, the Troy Arts Council will be hosting The Janoska Ensemble, which consists of three brothers and their brother-in-law. Ondrej and Roman Janoska each play violin, Frantisk Janoska plays piano and Julius Darvas plays the double bass. The Janoska Ensemble describes its genre as “classical music with a twist,” with its website stating that the music draws from the genres of classical, jazz, pop, tango […]

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Fairy tale opera shines light on student talent

Draven Jackson Staff Writer Students of Troy’s Opera Workshop class performed a fairy tale opera in Claudia Crosby Theater on Friday, Feb. 24. In “The Magic Flute,” an opera written by Mozart around 1791, Prince Tamino is saved from death by three dark ladies who work for the Queen of the Night. The queen promises Tamino he can marry her daughter, Pamina, if he can save her from Sarastro, her father, who has captured her. Sarah Hunt, a senior theater major from Huntsville, portrayed the character of Princess Pamina. She […]

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Troy Art Day: students connect, learn, express themselves

Lacey Alexander Staff Writer Nearly 400 middle and high school students from Alabama participated in the fourth annual Trojan Art Day on Friday, Feb. 24. Twenty-four counties were represented at the event, and students stayed on Troy’s campus from 8:15 a.m. to roughly 2 p.m. The students participated in workshops, classes, tours and an award ceremony that closed the event. Larry Percy, associate professor of art at Troy, lead Trojan Art Day. “This was our fourth year, and I think it was probably our biggest and best,” Percy said. “Each […]

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Students to act in ‘iconic’ play: ‘Glass Menagerie’

Lacey Alexander Staff Writer The department of theater and dance will present a popular memory play for its first performance of the semester, debuting Thursday. “The Glass Menagerie,” a play comprised of four student actors, deals with differing perspectives of hopelessness in reality. Tori Lee Averett, chair of the theater and dance department, said the decision to produce the play was based on the idea that it is an “iconic piece of southern and American literature.” “It’s like a treasure,” Averett said. “Our students need exposure to this play.” “The […]

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Philosophical society talks artist’s role amid political and social unrest

Draven Jackson Staff Writer “The Armchair,” a discussion group centered on philosophical premises, hosted a forum discussing the artist’s role in an atmosphere of prominent social dissent and divisive political ideologies. Beverly Leach, lecturer of art and design, was the speaker during the forum. She says her choice of talking about art and dissent was inspired by the social unrest of the nation right now. “When Dr. Valentine asked me if I would speak to the Philosophy Society, I decided I wanted to link together different kinds of art in […]

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English forum explores disillusion in media narratives

Lacey Alexander Staff Writer The English department hosted a forum joining in on the national discussion of trustworthiness in the media.  Nearly 50 students and faculty were in attendance on Wednesday, Feb. 15, when the English department presented its 44th Forum on Language and Literature with a panel of professors from three departments. English professors Patricia Waters, Festus Ndeh and Priya Menon joined political science professor Richard Ledet and music professor Bret Woods for a panel discussion on a multitude of topics. The professors treated the forum as a panel, […]

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Students advertise social initiative with flier: ‘We’ll skate with anyone’

Sable Riley Arts & Entertainment Editor Lizz Robb Copy Editor A flier posted in various places campuswide invites amateur skateboarders to come as they are, as long as they have a board and drive to ride. “If you have a penny board, nickel board, longboard or even a Rip-Stik and want a good group of friends to ride the streets of Troy with, well then you’re reading the right poster,” reads the opening paragraph of the flier. James Shipma, a freshman graphic design major from Huntsville, and some friends loosely […]

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Movie screening addresses, combats mental illness stigma

Kelvin Hawkins Staff Writer Troy’s department of civic engagement featured a documentary about former WNBA player, Chamique Holdsclaw, and her battle with mental illness as part of its Southern Film Circuit series. The department presented the film “Mind/Game: The Unquiet Journey of Chamique Holdsclaw” in Claudia Crosby Theater on Monday, Feb. 6. The film told the story of the professional basketball player and how she struggled with mental illness in her personal life and career. The event was organized by Jonathan Cellon, associate dean of first-year studies, with support from […]

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‘Split’: not accurate portrayal of DID, according to professors

Draven Jackson Staff Writer Since its release on Jan. 20 of this year, the film “Split” has been topping the box office and receiving positive critical feedback, despite controversial content. In the film, three girls are abducted by Kevin Crumb, a man with severe dissociative identity disorder. He keeps them locked in a small room, and they are confronted with many of his 24 personalities. “Split” plays with some dark content, mainly that of child abuse. Kevin’s multiple personalities came about in response to the abuse he experienced from his […]

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