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Posts published in “Arts & Entertainment”

Professor’s Pieces Pulled from Museum

By:  Jonathan Bryant Professor Edward Noriega, director of the Design Technology Industry (<dti>) Center, recently had three pieces of artwork withdrawn from the Heritage Hall Museum in Talladega. These works of art were deemed inappropriate in their usage of provocative imagery such as repurposed cans of Ajax adorned with swastikas reading “ethnic cleansing” and a portrait Read More

Merling Trio Pt. 2

By: Kianna Collins To have a chance to hear the Merling Trio is something to be excited about. The Merling Trio has been together for 23 years, with all of their original members. This makes them one of the longest lasting groups. Although the turnout was meager, they played with vivacity until the very end. The Read More

Troy Arts Council Presents: The Merling Trio

By: Kianna Collins   The three esteemed musicians that make up the Merling Trio will be making their way to Troy University to perform classical pieces on piano, violin and cello. The Troy Arts Council will be hosting the Merling Trio on Monday, Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. New compositions by the San Franciscan composer Peter Read More

Video Game Violence equals Real Violence?

By: Jonathan Bryant Following in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and the revelation that shooter Adam Lanza might have indulged in a game or two of “Call of Duty,” violent video games have once again become a hot topic of discussion for politicians. But guess who else plays “Call of Duty?”  Virtually Read More

Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty

By: Sage Gregson From the novel to the big screen, “Zero Dark Thirty” makes a sound impression, and it’s a fine story overall. It is the account of how a group of dedicated people caught a dangerous solitary man in a nation of chaos. The film centers on a CIA agent named Maya, who collaborates with Read More