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Editorials must not promote falsehoods

Editors Note: The views expressed are the unanimous opinion of the editors of the Tropolitan. Editorials stand as the official, corporate opinion of the Tropolitan.  Our opinions are not influenced by campus organizations or societies, university administration or political parties. The editors of the Tropolitan would like to address a recent editorial column from the Democrat-Reporter Read More

Editorial: NYT correct to print anonymous column by senior Trump administration official

In the wake of the controversy surrounding the anonymous column published in The New York Times last week, the editors of the Tropolitan fully support the Times’ decision to run the column without revealing the identity of the author.  The op-ed titled “I am part of the resistance inside the Trump administration” has brought an immediate Read More

A letter from the editor: We are here to pursue the truth

Zach Henson Editor-in-Chief Newton Lee gave a charge to journalists to be watchdogs, not lapdogs, to tirelessly search for the hidden truth, holding accountable the powerful who may try to hide from it The Tropolitan has fought to rise to this challenge since its inception. Even through lawsuits and periods of censorship, its staff has worked Read More

Tropolitan provides platform for opinions

Pradyot Sharma Opinion Editor The purpose of a university can be summed up best in the words of former Yale President Angelo Giamatti, who said, “Universities are not here to be a medium for the coercion of other people; they are here to be mediums for the exchange of free ideas.” This role of educational institutions Read More