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New football coach Neal Brown has players run offense techniques during spring practice on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

New season, new coach, new prospects

Kiara McClellan Troy University’s new head football coach, Neal Brown, said his team is preparing for the 2015 season by working on physical and mental toughness, discipline, confidence and accountability. “We’ve got to get bigger and stronger,” Brown said. “That’s our No. 1 emphasis.” Brown succeeded coach Larry Blakeney, whose record was 178-113-1 in his 24 seasons at Troy. Blakeney retired after the 2014 season, in which the Trojans won three games and lost nine. Brown is Troy’s 21st head coach. At 35, he is the second-youngest head coach in […]

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Careless parking will get you a ticket, but you can appeal it

Hannah Crews Larry Willis, a multimedia journalism major from Daphne who was a junior in the spring, didn’t want to walk in the rain to class, so he thought it would be a good idea to drive closer to his classroom. “I live in the Newman Center, and that’s farther from most of the major buildings on campus than the other dorms,” Willis said. “If I drive, I get a ticket.” And on this occasion, he did. Color-coded stickers govern parking. If you live on east campus, your sticker will […]

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Shackelford Resident Assistant Jasmine Philyaw (left), a transfer student from Faulkner University, speaks with resident Rachael Bray, an accounting major who was a freshman in the spring, during a routine dorm walk.

STARS guide transfer students

Hannah Hartline Troy University offers resources to help students who have transferred from community colleges, including assistance when a plan goes awry. Chandni Patel, an accounting major from Andalusia, who was a senior in the spring, said that being a transfer student gave her multiple benefits. “It was being able to have a high GPA, cost saving and being able to know what degree I wanted,” Patel said. Patel said that the STARS guide helped her transfer all her credits because it told her what classes to take. STARS stands […]

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(PHOTO/April Irvin)

Student loans could leave you clenching for cash

Jeff Davis Gamble Chynna McKillion knew that while she was in college she had to have extra money, so she took out student loans. When you are planning for college, essential decisions have to be made about balancing income and expenditures as a student. Student debt is a real and daunting problem many graduates face while starting their lives after college. Today McKillion, who graduated in 2013, works as a graphic designer and marketing assistant at Henig Furs in Montgomery. She explained that even though having the extra money while […]

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An empty beer can was dropped on the ground in the parking lot behind Wallace Hall. Troy University has zero tolerance on underage drinking.

You can’t drink on campus if under 21

Chase Robinson Josie Thrasher, a mathematics education major from Roanoke, Alabama, who was a senior in the spring, asked her roommate to remove alcohol from the room they shared in Hamil Hall. Both were under the legal drinking age of 21. “I gave her a week, and a week later, it was still there,” Thrasher said. “I went to our RA and let her handle it.” Thrasher said the rules regarding possession and use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs on campus and in the dorms are clearly explained at the […]

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Samantha Kocan, a broadcast journalism major from Montgomery who was a freshman in the spring, studies for her biology test in her room in Trojan Village 200.

The hunt for housing: hustle, hassle and headaches

Jessie Cocking When Lindsey Taylor learned she would be living in the Newman Center, the newest dorm on campus, she was thrilled, but a little reluctant. She said she was worried about how quickly the dorm had been built. “While living in the Newman Center, I only had a few problems,” said Taylor, a biomedical sciences major from Spanish Fort who was a sophomore in the spring. While living in Newman Center, Taylor’s only concern was maintenance issues. “The AC in the Newman Center never seemed to work because it […]

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Timmy Dunkin, a political science major from Dothan who was a junior in the spring, working in the library.

Technology fosters connecting, learning

Emily Beckstrom Timmy Dunkin, a political science major from Dothan who was a junior in the spring, added his professor as a friend on Facebook. Two days later, he found himself having coffee and speaking politics in the professor’s office. “We have a lot of the same views,” Dunkin said. “I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in college.” The most popular social media networks at the university are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Most of Troy’s programs have social media pages and handles — part of an […]

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Student Alumni Asso­ciation President Morris Turner wants closer connections between students and alumni.

Connect with alumni through student association

Jacob Holmes Students coming to Troy in the fall of 2015 will get a chance to join a re-energized Student Alumni Association, said spring 2015 President Morris Turner, a finance major from Mobile who plans to graduate in 2016. “During my tenure so far, we have been more focused on restructuring the organization and preparing for next fall,” he said. The fall semesters are generally the biggest focus for the organization because of the effect football has on bringing current students and alumni together through tailgating. The organization also wants […]

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Be resourceful: You can eat healthy food on or off campus

Be resourceful: You can eat healthy food on or off campus

Caitlin McRae A bowl of cereal, skim milk and a bottle of water. That’s how Shelby Morgan started every day. She found all of this at Trojan Dining, but also kept a stash in her room. “I feel like it’s really important to stay healthy, not only in college but in life,” Morgan said. A human services major from Montgomery, she was a senior in the spring. Morgan was a college athlete for a year before transferring to Troy, so she has the tendency to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Other […]

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Megan Greer, a computer science major from Panama City, Florida, who was a senior in the spring, crosses off an activity on her to-do list for the day.

Manage your time, and get better results

Kimberly Steele Time can often mean the difference between turning in a great assignment and proper understanding or a slap-dash, last-minute attempt at something. Megan Greer, a computer science major from Panama City, Florida, who was a senior in the spring, understands this. “When I was first starting out … I would leave my assignments until a few days before the deadline,” Greer said. “I quickly realized why my professors were giving us so much time to work on them.” Time management can be a hard skill to learn. “Honestly, […]

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