Chynna McKillion photo
Breanna Shuford, a communication studies major, checks the Troy app on her iPad.

IT Department develops online tools for students

Chynna McKillion Troy University’s Information Technology Department has been developing new Web-based student tools and an upgrade to the Trojan Card, the student ID, allowing students to manage information online. “There are a number of new deliverables in the near-term,” Dr. W. Greg Price Sr., chief technology officer for Troy University, said in April. “We are working with the registrar and bursar’s offices to deploy new Web-based student self-service tools and a new student educational planning solution … the solution will allow students to view balances online and engage in […]

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Yang Bai photoAaron David Walker, right, is a marketing major from Birmingham who was a sophomore in the spring and had a job as a resident assistant in Alumni Hall. He is handing a student ID card to a student visitor, Michael Strobel.

How to decide if residence life at Troy University is for you

Yang Bai “It’s fun living on campus,” and it can help students stay involved, make friends, and hang out with friends, according to Sara Jo Burks, the assistant director of housing. When asked about the advantages of living on campus, students said convenient parking is an attraction. “Parking is a big issue,” said Emily Paige Blodgett, a multimedia journalism major and public relations minor from Harvest who was a junior in the spring.  “But living on campus is good because you have a very short commute.” “It’s convenient,” said Lainey […]

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Mandy Pascal photoCalvin Mulkey, center, an elementary education major from Florence who was a senior in the spring, spends time tutoring a group of Charles Henderson Middle School students, an activity he has become involved with since transferring to Troy three years ago.

Easing the transition between schools

Mandy Pascal Students may think it will be difficult to transfer from another college, but Troy University makes the transition easier. “I decided to transfer from the University of West Florida but did not do any research before I made my decision, so some of my credits did not transfer,” said Kally Peace, who was in her fourth semester of nursing in the spring and is from Niceville, Fla. While at West Florida, she was taking classes that she thought she needed, but the curriculum and requirements for the nursing […]

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AnneCarol WilsonMitch Ledbetter and Melanie Moran stand in front of the fraternity house where they met. The couple has been together for nearly a year while attending Troy University.

Relationships are different in college

AnneCarol Wilson Romance grabbed Melanie Moran by surprise during her freshman year at Troy. Moran, a psychology major from Hoover who was a freshman in the spring, met her boyfriend, Mitch Ledbetter, this past fall through his fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon. He is a nursing major from Cullman who was a sophomore in the spring. “At the moment I least expected it, I found someone, and it turned to something real and an important part of my life,” Moran said. “I guess my advice would be to not waste your […]

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Katy GanawayWanda Norris, right, a 51-year-old spring 2014 senior broadcast journalism major, sits attentively, smiling, working with Megan Brunson, also a spring 2014 senior broadcast journalism major, on an assignment in their advertising copywriting class.

College shows age is just a number

Katy Ganaway College may not be every student’s full-time job, and not every Troy student is a recent high school graduate. Nontraditional students don’t all fit into one perfect category. Herbert Reeves, dean of student services, said the title “nontraditional student” doesn’t necessarily mean a student above the average age range for a college student, which is 18 to 25. “That term,” Reeves said, “is used also to describe (students) that may be in the traditional student age bracket that may be working full time and going to school part […]

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Emily Jackson photoSkyler Cross, left, a nursing major from Crestview, Fla., who was a junior in the spring, and Veronica Coachman, a social work major from Cottonwood who was a freshman, were roommates in Shackelford Hall. They said they typically get along, but they do fight over control of the air conditioner.

Get to know your roommate before fall classes begin

Emily Jackson They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but for one Troy freshman, whose identity was stolen by his roommate, there was nothing flattering about the gesture. After moving into Alumni Hall during his first semester at Troy, Douglas knew there was something off about his new roommate. He described the student as “sketchy” and said he would disappear for weeks at a time. Little did he know that, by finals week, his roommate would skip town with all of his savings and leave him $3,000 […]

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Devero Bogart photo
Sydney Seals, a nursing major from Satsuma who was a sophomore in the spring, catalogs documents as part of her job in the campus library.

Need a job? They’re out there

Devero Bogart Troy may not be Atlanta, Birmingham, or a large metropolitan area, but for a small college town in the South, it offers adequate job opportunities for all interested college students, according to Mayor Jason A. Reeves. With college costs increasing, the number of undergraduates interested in finding jobs is going up as well. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that in 2007, the number of full-time undergraduate students between ages 16 and 24 averaging a 20- to 30-hour work week had increased to about 21 percent. Troy […]

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Jacey CorleyJacey Corley photo 
Kaitlyn Higgins, 22, left, and Breann Austin, 21,  assembled some foods and beverages that might not be especially healthy for an all-night study session. Higgins is a physical education major from Holtville who was a senior in the spring, and Austin is a nursing major from Panama City Beach, Fla., who was a junior.

How to avoid ‘Freshman 15’

Jacey Corley Many of the typical college student tendencies are not healthy, and can ultimately lead to one thing that almost no one wants to happen to him or her while in college: weight gain. Pulling last-minute all-nighters, surviving off coffee and Red Bull, staying out all night at a party and then heading to Waffle House for that 3 a.m. meal are some of the college student rituals that will never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy. This is about the “Freshman 15” — […]

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Kimberly Steele photo
Megan Greer, a computer science major from Panama City, Fla., who was a junior in the spring, demonstrates how to use an emergency call box outside Smith Hall

Safe campus: Police are near, can be there in a minute or 2

Kimberly Steele Personal safety on campus requires watching out and sometimes reaching out. “I always make sure that I’m paying attention to my surroundings,” said Megan Greer, a junior this past spring in computer science from Panama City, Fla. “I know how important it is to know what is going on around you. “I feel completely safe on campus. I think the presence of the campus police is very strong. The emergency call stations located about campus are also comforting.” If you should feel unsafe while on campus and have […]

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