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Posts published in “Lifestyle”

Make your dorm feel like home

Zach Henson Editor in Chief Since the newness of the academic year has worn off, many students may be starting to feel a bit homesick, and although not everyone can simply zip home for a quick family visit, there are some ways to help make college feel a bit more like home. In my going-on-four years Read More

Going ‘out on a limb’: find new places to read

Jenna Viets Contributor Finding comfort in the busyness of school and work can be hard. Whether reading is an unfortunate obligation or a pleasant pastime, it’s something we find ourselves doing all the time, especially as college students. English majors spend entire semesters plowing through Dante. Aspiring doctors sit for hours picking their way through science Read More

Exploring cultures and languages

Tu To (left) a junior accounting major from Hanoi, Vietnam exploring culture in Madrid, Spain. Tu To Staff Writer I came to Troy two years ago. During my freshman year, I didn’t really have any issues with communicating in English. Years of having my nose in the grammar books and binge-watching popular American TV shows equipped Read More