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Posts published in “Letter to the editor”

Letter to the editor: Trump’s hire for national security adviser may help lead nation into war

With the hiring of Ambassador John Bolton as national security adviser, President Trump will directly be influenced by an individual who is far more hawkish than his predecessor, Gen. H.R. McMaster. Not only was Bolton instrumental in President Bush’s Iraq War effort, he later wrote a New York Times op-ed in 2015 arguing for a preemptive Read More

Letter to the Editor: Jones, Moore aren’t only options in election; you can write in a vote

  Dear Alabama voters: Seven weeks ago, I launched my campaign with a Facebook page, an email address and a website. I launched my campaign because I felt that the people of Alabama deserve better than either of the candidates for Senate that the two major parties have presented to us. I feel that candidate Roy Read More

Letter to the editor: Don’t trivialize disrespect

  On Oct. 31, the administration of Troy University released a statement denouncing the uncivil actions of Andrew Dearing, the president of FarmHouse fraternity, after a video was released of him and other members of the university’s chapter of FarmhHouse participating in controversial activities. Their actions not only mocked the university’s ideal of celebrating differences justly Read More

Letter to the Editor: In response to the article titled ‘Don’t blame Disney’

Dear Editor: You’re right—it is not Disney’s responsibility to attempt to uphold any certain moral values or ethical principles. After all, this is America, and we are free to believe what we want and act accordingly whether it is perceived by others as right or wrong. Yet, Disney is being criticized for seeming to support an Read More

Letter to the editor: addressed to the international students of Troy

Dear Troy University, We have a problem, and we need a solution. Recently, there was an international student who received a note on his car from one Troy student that said some rather ugly things. We—as the Troy University community and close-nit family of students from all walks of life, all nationalities and backgrounds, and all Read More

Letter to the Editor: New Residence Hall causing concerns

Justin Blowers Contributor The New Residence Hall is the incomplete “luxury” dorm on Troy University’s campus. While it was supposed to be finished in time for students to move in before the fall semester began, work still continues on many parts of the dorm. Many things will stand out to someone who observes the dorm from Read More

Letter to the Editor: Troy understands and celebrates our diversity

Larry Fogelberg Assistant Professor Division of Economics and Finance At the beginning of this new school year, it only makes sense to focus on what makes Troy University special and what makes the Troy campus particularly special. It would be impossible to talk about those without focusing on what makes the Troy community so special. We Read More

Trojan spirit lacking with students

Kelley Curren Dear Troy Students, Stop wearing Auburn and Alabama attire around campus. It is extremely insulting to the school that you currently attend to wear another college’s logo. If you want to be at Auburn or Alabama, go there. Otherwise, appreciate the school that’s giving you an opportunity to better yourself. Troy, not Alabama or Read More