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Quality enhancement plan: students suggest new ideas for Troy univeristy experience

Pratibha Guatam Staff Writer As a part of the preparation for the accreditation reaffirmation process, Troy University is preparing to draft a new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). According to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), the QEP is a document developed by the institution that includes a process of identifying key issues emerging from institutional assessment, focusing on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning and accomplishing the mission of the institution. It demonstrates institutional capability for the initiation, implementation and completion of the […]

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Dose of dog: prescribed animals on campus

Madina Seytmuradova Staff Writer Since Troy University’s main campus adopted the no-pet policy a few years ago, students saw few to no animals on campus except for service animals. Recently, housing started looking into the legitimacy of some of the campus’s furry tenants under the tag “service animal.” “Almost two weeks ago housing released a new policy, which basically invalidated my whole paperwork on her,” said Carleigh Sherman, a sophomore global business major from Tulsa, Oklahoma, about her assistance dog, Pippa. Pippa is a Chihuahua rat-terrier that has lived with […]

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TSA device ban unjustified

Pradyot Sharma Staff Writer Earlier this month, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) banned passengers flying into the United States from 10 airports in Muslim majority countries from carrying electronic devices larger than a smartphone into the cabin. The TSA did not provide a detailed justification for the ban. A few days after the ban was announced, reports began to emerge that the decision was based on intelligence that said that the Islamic State was close to developing a bomb hidden in portable devices. All agencies involved in this have assured […]

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Management neglecting Trojan dining services

Pradyot Sharma Staff Writer Troy University students have concerns about the level of service provided by campus dining outlets. On March 21, Sodexo, the company that operates the dining services, rescheduled a Food Advisory Committee of Troy (FACT) meeting. It provided no explanation and informed students about it the day the meeting was supposed to take place. The meeting will be April 4 at 1:30 p.m. in the civic dining room. This meeting is an avenue for students to express their concerns and dining suggestions to the dining management. Despite […]

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Struggles for introverts

Pratibha Gautam Staff Writer Some people thrive in large social gatherings, while others prefer smaller, more familiar environments. The latter group consists of people who choose to stay at home with a book, a movie, or any other hobby. The same people also feel extremely out of place at a party. These are introverts. An introvert is someone who depends on internal feelings rather than on external sources of stimulation. Psychologists refer to introverts as people who tend to rely on self-refection for energy and hence feel drained after social […]

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Letter to the Editor: In response to the article titled ‘Don’t blame Disney’

Dear Editor: You’re right—it is not Disney’s responsibility to attempt to uphold any certain moral values or ethical principles. After all, this is America, and we are free to believe what we want and act accordingly whether it is perceived by others as right or wrong. Yet, Disney is being criticized for seeming to support an idea that is not popular with all people or religions. Disney was not selling-out to society when it included a gay character in its new live-action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” — it was […]

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Balancing commuting and campus

Deja Suarez Contributor For the last three years, I have lived in Troy, Alabama. I recently moved back to my hometown, Montgomery, and into a house with two of my best friends. I often second-guess my choice in moving out of Troy. My decision was tough because I was leaving so much convenience behind as it pertained to my studies and social life. I missed the benefits of living five minutes away from campus rather than 45 minutes. There was not a large availability of classmates’ on-hand for activities, such […]

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Overreaction to Fallon unnecessary

Katie Miller Staff Writer Social media backlash from Troy students erupted when the host of “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon, said, “Duke vs. Troy. That sounds like a fight between two skinny white dudes. What’s Troy? That’s not a college. Who goes to Troy? No one goes to Troy. Duke wins.” After Fallon shared his unpopular prediction, #igototroy began trending on Twitter and appeared everywhere on Facebook and Instagram. I’m not sure why people got so offended and concerned over something a comedian said. Just being recognized on “The Tonight […]

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Campus residents left high and dry for spring break

Pradyot Sharma Staff Writer While most students spent their spring break vacationing or at home with family, there were some who had to stay back at Troy for various reasons such as work or, as was the case for some international students, the unfeasibility to go home for such a short period. Overall, there were adequate provisions made for those who stayed back. The Barnes and Nobles bookstore cafe was open the entire week. Moe’s was open the first weekend and Einstein’s Bros during the weekday. The school also provided […]

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First experience in a church for an international

Lasata Shresta Staff Writer A Hindu woke up early on a Sunday morning, an especially difficult task during spring break, for a church service. My friends had been asking me to attend the Sunday service with them many times. I had always found my way out of it. However, neither my assignments nor my classes could cover my hide during the break. Born a Hindu in a former Hindu kingdom and having grown up not caring much about religion, I was obviously a little hesitant to attend the service. While […]

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