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Posts published in “Opinion”

Twitter loses valuable customer to national text alert system

Zach Henson Editor-in-Chief  Pradyot Sharma Opinion Editor After testing the presidential alert system Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced that he will abandon Twitter in favor of the new system.  “THE LYING MEDEA CANT BLOCK THE ALRTS LIKE THEY CAN BLOC ME ON TWEETTER,” Trump sent out in the alert after the initial test.  A source in Read More

Congress must protect Mueller if Trump fires Rod Rosenstein

Scott Shelton Staff Writer There have been doubts surrounding Rod Rosenstein’s job, according to mixed reports on Monday. Because of this, I believe Congress must create legislation protecting Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation from executive interference.  Rosenstein is the primary obstacle between Trump and Mueller’s investigation, which Rosenstein oversees after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself Read More

Opinion: #MeToo about the victims, not a political tool

Victoria Cirilli Staff Writer Allegations of sexual misconduct are frequent today and severely affect both the accuser and the accused.  A victim of sexual assault coming forward for the first time, stakes their career, lifestyle, and privacy and has every right to be heard and get a fair opportunity for justice.  Quite often, the general public Read More

Faith compels me

Taylor Walding Variety Editor Throughout my three-year run with the Trop, I have avoided opinion writing like the plague. In person, I enjoy controversy and debate but stirring it up with an unknown audience behind computer screens seems far more daunting to me than a face-to-face discussion. Online debates further perpetuate an already polarized culture, leaving Read More

7 a.m. classes a violation of Geneva Convention

Taylor Walding Variety Editor In accordance with the Geneva Convention, representatives from the United Nations (UN) have outlawed 7 a.m. classes on grounds of inhumane treatment.  Violation of the law will now be considered an international war crime and tried in court. Miroslav Lajčák of Slovakia, the current president of the U.N., said upon the committee’s Read More

Republicans need a reality check

Sam Stroud Staff Writer In 2016, the Republican Party was victorious, holding on to both chambers of Congress and winning the White House.  However, in the aftermath of that election cycle, Republicans seem to have delusions about winning elections.  They now believe in the Trump formula: ignoring polls, disregarding red flags and moving farther away from Read More

University decides to admit lovebugs to boost enrollment

Emma Daniel News Editor Troy University will now allow lovebugs to enroll as students in an effort to boost enrollment numbers, the admissions office announced at a ceremony on Monday.  Fifteen members of administration, a handful of students and hundreds of lovebugs signed up for the ribbon cutting, unveiling a new “Lovebug Department” in Bibb Graves Read More