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Posts published in “Opinion”

Survey poses concern about university efforts to raise students’ awareness of sexual health

Lilly Casolaro Staff Writer In a survey done by Trojan Condoms, Troy University ranked at 137 out of 140 for sexual health awareness and resources available. From this result, students seem largely uninformed of the risks of unprotected sex. Some are also clueless about where to receive materials concerning sexual health. Furthermore, the university seems to Read More

Student uses crowdfunding to go back to school

Hannah Hartline Staff writer Crowdfunding is one of the latest installments to the social media norm. Many are using websites like GoFundMe, Indiegogo and Kickstarter to raise money for their causes. They share their “campaigns” via social media in the hopes that friends, family and even strangers will donate. A number of people have used crowdfunding Read More

Straight-party voting poses apathy problem

Pierce Godwin Staff writer The long-awaited 2014 midterm elections are in the books. Alabama Secretary of State Jim Bennett told The Montgomery Advertiser that he expected only 48-50 percent of all Alabamians to vote. However, only 41 percent actually participated on Tuesday. Many Alabamians who participated on Tuesday were well aware of the candidates they voted Read More

Pervasive rape culture – Denying inequality is not the answer

Amber Richards Contributor “Rape culture” refers to the aspects of society that normalize rape as something that “just happens” rather than something that we can all do something about. Rape culture manifests through images, language, jokes, laws, social expectations, TV, music, advertising, film—basically in any platform in which ideas are expressed, rape culture can be found. Read More

Call to stop violence toward LGBTQ people

Casey Richards Contributor Every year, there are thousands of incidents of LGBTQ-related hate crimes that take place in the United States alone. Not all the cases are fatal or even violent. Yet even the smallest of these hate crimes can have long-term effects on the victims. Each year, millions of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people Read More

Dignity gone to the dogs

Theresa Kiernan Contributor “Would you kill Excalibur?” Excalibur is the beloved dog belonging to the first Ebola victim outside West Africa. He was euthanized by the Spanish government in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading. It was unclear whether the dog contracted the virus or was contagious, according to The New York Times. This Read More

Deaths on social media

Quinta Goines Contributor Because social media are a convenient way to share information with a mass of people, many people have found them efficient in announcing engagements, child births and graduations. For years, every time someone dies, the first thing people seem to do is run swiftly to their electronic devices and share it on Facebook. Read More

Be sure to vote

Since the United States declared independence in 1776, there have been numerous movements to return the right to vote to citizens disenfranchised on the basis of their wealth, religion, race, gender and age. Despite the ever-ongoing efforts to restrict voting rights, those rights have become significantly more inclusive. The increase in the youth vote and the Read More

Post-homecoming reflection

Pierce Godwin Contributor While many organizations participated in the homecoming events, it seems that a large number of students were questioning whether homecoming is for everyone. There were concerns about the facts that all of the homecoming candidates were members of the five PanHellenic sororities, and that 15 of the 28 competing organizations were Greek organizations. Read More

College and the American Dream

Porter Grubbs Contributor Why are we here right now, reading the Tropolitan, at this very moment? This is less a question of philosophical existentialism and more a question of conscious decision and metacognition. According to Pew Research Foundation’s study “Millennials in Adulthood,” a third of older millennials aged between 26 and 33 have at least a Read More

Transfer-in students viewpoints’ of Troy University and college life

Hannah Hartline Contributor It should not be a surprise that not everyone at Troy University comes in as a freshman. Troy’s main campus takes in, on average, 500 transfer-in students every year, according to community college relations coordinator Dendy Moseley. Some students come from other four-year universities, while others come from two-year colleges. Transferring from Lurleen Read More

Why Travel? Student recognizes benefits of journeys to foreign lands

Theresa Kiernan Contributor “Why do you travel? What is the point?” Shocked, I stared across the table at my friend who had just asked this seemingly absurd question. I thought the answer was obvious. It is no secret that I love to travel, and my year studying abroad in Germany solidified that desire in me. I Read More