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Posts published in “Opinion”

Raising minimum wage can help boost the economy and workers’ quality of life

Kenneth Tallant Contributor A large number of students, in order to support themselves through college, have to work minimum-wage, part-time jobs. Whether the minimum wage should be raised has become an important issue for many, including myself as a student, a worker and a voter concerned about the national economic climate. It seems sensible for the Read More

NFL fans can influence league’s attitude toward violence after domestic abuse

Amber Richards Contributor Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has caused quite a commotion among sports fans and women’s rights advocates. Despite the National Football League’s knowledge of Rice’s assault case since February, harsher punishment was not issued for the player until Sept. 8. The NFL changed its punishment for the player to an indefinite suspension Read More

ISIS’ recent attacks raise Americans’ concerns

Pierce Godwin Contributor The idea that “America is the greatest country in the world” holds true to most Americans. However, people are starting to wonder whether this statement still stands. According to a poll on Gallup’s website for the week of Sept. 12, President Barack Obama has an approval rating of 41 percent and Congress holds Read More

Student questions SGA’s resolution allowing prayer

Stephanie Clinton Contributor Troy University is often referred to as “the international university,” stemming from the fact that the student body consists of students from many different countries and cultures. Moreover, students of Troy University have the opportunity to travel and study in many different parts of the world. Despite this seemingly accepting cultural focus, a Read More

A look at Troy diversity from the viewpoint of a non-religious student

Amber Richards Contributor It is important for people of all backgrounds and beliefs to exchange their ideas freely in situations where they are comfortable.  Creating a safe, judgment-free environment will encourage diversity on campus. That being said, it is important to understand what diversity means. True diversity can only exist when there is no established norm. Read More

Chinese student reveals his Troy experience

Yang Bai Contributor “I’m really excited about my new journey,” said Juanwen Wu, an international relations graduate student from Shanghai. This is not Wu’s first time traveling half of the world to come to the United States.  A few years ago, he visited Washington, D.C., Boston and Los Angeles.  However, studying in an American college is Read More

Millennials’ technological play time is constructive 

Melissa Hendley Contributor The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Ice Bucket Challenge has been all over Facebook and Twitter. Participants dump ice and water onto their heads to promote awareness for ALS and encourage donations to the ALS Association and the Motor Neuron Disease Association.  And like every other viral fad, there has also been a considerable amount Read More

Letter to the Editor: Troy understands and celebrates our diversity

Larry Fogelberg Assistant Professor Division of Economics and Finance At the beginning of this new school year, it only makes sense to focus on what makes Troy University special and what makes the Troy campus particularly special. It would be impossible to talk about those without focusing on what makes the Troy community so special. We Read More

Despite Ferguson controversy, racial issues and white privileges are not a gray area

Ngoc Vo Opinion Editor In light of the shooting of Mike Brown, an allegedly unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, by a police officer, I want to take a closer look at the racial problems (especially ones towards African-Americans) in Troy. Last year, a Troy student was in a violent incident with police. “What I learned from Read More

Adjuncts underpaid; Students underserved

Ngoc Vo Perspectives Editor With the increases in tuition, general university fees and parking decal price, I cannot help wondering whether my education is what I am paying more for. “Students aren’t getting what they pay for or, if they are, it is because adjuncts themselves are subsidizing their education,” Maria Maisto, president of adjunct activist Read More