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Posts published in “Opinion”

Iraq & America

by: Ahmed Brisam   The last visit for Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki to Washington on Sunday, Dec. 11 was said by American president Barack Obama that it will begin a new situation of relations between two sovereign states. This visit came on the occasion near the end of the implementation of the security agreement signed Read More

Objectivity Should be Applied to All Aspects of Life

by: Kelsey Vickers Of all the things that journalism students are taught at Troy, objectivity is probably the number one aspect. What’s interesting is that for how much it’s taught to us, being objective really is a virtue that people tend to be careless about. “Where is the appropriate place to put your opinion in a Read More

Safety & Situational Awareness

by: Jack Rawlings Are we really guaranteed a right to safety on Troy campus or anywhere else for that matter? I would say maybe, but do not count on it. My experience in this matter ranges from law enforcement to priority resource protection of nuclear weapons, US Embassy, business security and most things in between. There Read More

Can Great Student Leaders be Horrible People

By: Faith Karwacki   Any of us who have had the privilege of serving an official position in a student-run organization understand the stresses involved in leading our peers in an organized and conscientious manner. Some leaders, I believe, have neglected their peers and organizations by placing their focus on leaving a legacy behind in their Read More

Utilize Our Strengths & Build on Our Weaknesses

By: Anthony Watson A quarter of children in Alabama live in poverty. More than 10 percent live in extreme poverty. More than 75 percent of public school eighth graders can’t read or complete math at their level. But that’s okay, right? Because students don’t get pissed off at that, we furrow our brows over the lack Read More


By: Jack Rawlings   As former President Clinton did using the Food & Drug Administration and Center for Disease Control to attack the tobacco industry, President Obama is using the Center for Disease Control in an attempt to attack the gun industry. As with tobacco, guns are a legal, marketable product in high demand by the American Read More

Most Bizarre New Years Resolutions

By: Jane Morrell Staff Writer   The year 2012 has ended, and the world is still spinning, so that means we can look forward to the fresh new year 2013! “I’m really looking forward to another year at Troy. It’s going to be awesome!” said Carol Anne Osborne, a sophomore vocal/choral music education major from Panama Read More