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Posts published in “Opinion”

Hazing violates pledge’s personal rights, well-being of nonmembers

Faith Karwacki Perspectives Editor The recent hazing scandal is a story that is not perceived by most to be a unique occurrence among members of the Greek community. Greeks and non-Greeks alike have their own ideas of actions stereotypical of hazing rituals. We have all heard the horror stories of the hapless newcomer, eager to please Read More

Former SGA President calls upon our generation for self-reflection, change

(PHOTO/Kelcie Hathcock) Within the past week, there has been a substantial amount of local and national media attention directed to an article in the University of Alabama’s student newspaper, The Crimson White (CW), entitled “The Final Barrier.” The article, written by Abbey Crain and Matt Ford, chronicles the attempt of sorority alumnae to block the recruitment Read More

On-campus living proves to be an enriching experience

By Megan Phillips Living in a dorm can come with its share of troubles. Community bathrooms are disgusting, it can take weeks for maintenance problems to be fixed, you never get to be alone, and you are constantly walking up never-ending flights of stairs. However, does the good that comes with dorm life outweigh the bad? Read More

Christian students ought to practice love, acceptance rather than silent indifference

Dear Editor: Love, acceptance and forgiveness are characteristics we should all embrace. Nobody is denying the positive nature of last week’s letter, but there are some assertions within the reasoning of the author that I would like to address. Among these assertions are that Christianity has been somewhat of a metaphorical moral compass for our nation, Read More

Letter to the Editor: Alumnus urges fellow Trojans to practice acceptance, forgiveness

  Dear Editor: The moral authority of Christian dominance in America is dying and in order to continue to thrive Christians must be willing to adapt their strategy. While the inevitability of homosexual marriage, marijuana legalization and continued enforcement of separation of church and state loom and restrict the moral influence of Christians on American laws, Read More

International enrollment on the rise as Troy University enrollment continues to fluctuate

Tobi Oluwagbemi Staff Writer In a previous edition of Tropolitan this semester, the Chancellor of the University, Dr. Jack Hawkins stated that enrollment was fluctuating. The question now is that is it increasing or decreasing? Looking at the facts, it is actually increasing. Enrollment of both international students and U.S. students is actually increasing and there Read More

Hello, Newman: Faith-based dorms encouraged to make housing available for secular, atheist students

Faith Karwacki Perspectives Editor   Universities across the nation are known to provide students with dormitories that cater to their special interests. Specialized housing for Troy University students includes dormitories that allow them to reside under different conditions such as maintaining a high GPA, abstaining from alcohol consumption, participating in Greek organizations, or having a general Read More

Senior student to freshmen: Enjoy your time, experiences at Troy University

Kelsey Vickers Staff Writer   As I enter my senior year at Troy, I can’t help but be jealous of all the incoming freshmen. You’ve all just left high school (finally!) and you’re getting a fresh start. Believe me when I say that you’ll find your first year here to be the most eye-opening and amazing Read More

Balance Possible Despite Hectic Environment During Finals

As the semester begins to end, most of us rediscover a side of ourselves that usually hides in the shadows of midterms and finals. We discover within ourselves the emaciated, sleep-deprived college student. With our meal plans running out, we revert to stimulating the canned and frozen food industries. As numerous deadlines fill our horizons like Read More