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Posts published in “Opinion”

#MeToo movement demands a response stronger than sympathy

  Pradyot Sharma Staff Writer The aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein fiasco has been the #MeToo movement. The movement has been trending on social media after many victims of sexual assault and harassment, including celebrities, used the hashtag to share their stories. The question that everyone should be asking is “Now what?” We can let this Read More

Communication: master the skill

Madina Seytmuradova Staff Writer In the world where 85 percent of jobs are not listed, going to college just to get a degree is not enough. Ideally, college is a microcosm of the society that students should take advantage of to master the one skill that matters in both personal and professional life — clear and transparent Read More

Trump’s Twitter sensation, POTUS’s tweets positioned to obscure controversy in Congress

Emma Daniel Staff Writer Mainstream media are being held hostage. President Donald Trump serves as a lightning rod for issues and people of his choosing. He brings the attention back to himself — as he is a huge believer that any publicity is good publicity — so that he can guide the media wherever he so Read More

Speaking without hesitation

Pratibha Gautam Staff Writer Sexual harassment has, for the longest time, been a hushed incident by both perpetrators and victims. Victims have often been forced to stay quiet in fear of humiliation or threats of ruination. Keeping quiet and pretending it never happened has become the norm. We have allowed the breeding of villains amongst us, Read More