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Posts published in “Opinion”

Balance Possible Despite Hectic Environment During Finals

As the semester begins to end, most of us rediscover a side of ourselves that usually hides in the shadows of midterms and finals. We discover within ourselves the emaciated, sleep-deprived college student. With our meal plans running out, we revert to stimulating the canned and frozen food industries. As numerous deadlines fill our horizons like Read More

International Dining Options Great Opportunity for Multicultural

Traveling abroad comes with its full set of adventures, both anticipated and unanticipated. Among these, food is often one of the greatest. Though almost everyone anticipates engaging with strange, new foods overseas, few might foresee the experience of trying food that is said to be from their own home country. The most obvious and, perhaps, anticipated Read More

Complaint of a Blessed Man

By Taylor Foxx I don’t usually complain, but there are times where it may be needed. This seems to be one of those times. As paradoxical as it may seem, my complaint has everything to do with complaining. Depending on where you are on campus, there is always a great variety of complaints circulating. At work, Read More

Alumni Renovations Needed

By: Editoral In our March 28 issue, we ran a story headlined “No current plans for Alumni” in which a top university administrator dispelled rumors of an impending renovation for the infamous Alumni Hall. Something will be done at some point, he told us, but it won’t be for a while yet, and nothing concrete has Read More

The Relations Between Iraqi and American Education are Building a Better Future

  New Iraq is growing and there is a clear development in the level of academics and the Iraqi government has created numerous scholarships for Iraqi students to study in the United States. Iraq, under the regime of the former dictator, was devoid of communication with the world, especially in the fields of science and culture. Read More


Andrew J Clay   Social Media is a young person’s game, spewing personal opinions for the world to critique, expressing oneself through spring break photos and meme generating but does all of this freedom come a price later in life? I must confess to being a “troll” on Facebook, looking for statuses that are posted by Read More

Patriotism Requires Willingness to Protect Your Values

by: Jack Rawlings So you want to be a patriot Alexander Cohen’s way. Quite frankly, I am tired of listening to all this patriotic rhetoric, especially with most of it being without merit. I can recall the first time I saw Jill Biden with Michelle Obama standing as patriots, side by side in a public service Read More

Costa Rica Trip Beneficial to Rehabilitation Major

by: Chrissy Brown Contributed Photo This past week instead of going to Panama City Beach or Destin, I boarded a plane to San Jose, Costa Rica with three athletic training students and four social work majors to study abroad. Our team was led by Troy department chairs Dr. Denise Green, Dr. Amanda Benson and Dr. Anthony Read More

Iraq & America

by: Ahmed Brisam   The last visit for Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki to Washington on Sunday, Dec. 11 was said by American president Barack Obama that it will begin a new situation of relations between two sovereign states. This visit came on the occasion near the end of the implementation of the security agreement signed Read More

Objectivity Should be Applied to All Aspects of Life

by: Kelsey Vickers Of all the things that journalism students are taught at Troy, objectivity is probably the number one aspect. What’s interesting is that for how much it’s taught to us, being objective really is a virtue that people tend to be careless about. “Where is the appropriate place to put your opinion in a Read More

Safety & Situational Awareness

by: Jack Rawlings Are we really guaranteed a right to safety on Troy campus or anywhere else for that matter? I would say maybe, but do not count on it. My experience in this matter ranges from law enforcement to priority resource protection of nuclear weapons, US Embassy, business security and most things in between. There Read More