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How will students spend their summer?

Anushka K.C. Staff Writer With finals only a week away, students can be seen huddling inside libraries, sitting on the quad or forming groups inside the Trojan Center studying. Professors are busy scheduling and preparing questions for exams. Everyone is mustering the last bits of motivation they have for the year so that they can spend the long summer break with the plans they have made. “I want to try to jump out of an airplane,” said Kourtney McCoy, a freshman elementary education major from Tuscaloosa, who shared her plans […]

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Spectrum hosts Second-Chance Prom

Lirona Joshi Staff Writer Spectrum Alliance, the LGBTQ+ community of Troy University, organized its annual Second-Chance Prom event on Thursday, April 13. The event, as suggested by its name, intended to give the students a second shot by reliving their high school prom experience. “The original idea was that since we are an LGBTQ+ group, a lot of our members weren’t allowed to take their partners to prom, or they didn’t have a good prom because of that,” said Julian Carrol, a junior political science major from Dayton, Ohio. “So […]

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Students overcome tragedy

Lasata Shrestha Staff Writer While many students stress over balancing their studies, jobs and social activities, other students have the additional challenge of overcoming great tragedy, such as the death of a loved one in the midst of their college experience. “It was Dec. 15 (of 2016), a day after our finals,” said both Sangam Subedi, a freshman accounting major from Lalitpur, Nepal, and Shraddha Chand Thakuri, a freshman biology major from Kathmandu, Nepal, as they recalled the car crash, which not only changed their lives forever, but also took […]

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Hospitality management class gains experience

  Lirona Joshi Staff Writer Students in the event management class of the School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management (HSTM) are organizing two events as part of their course assignments this semester to gain experience in their field of study. One event is the HSTM Awards Banquet for faculty and students. The ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 29, at 7 p.m. Tickets are being sold for $10 on the third floor of the stadium towers until April 24. The other event is the Children’s Funfest, which is […]

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The smartphone debate: trading constant connection for peace of mind

Taylor Boydstun Variety Editor After warring with myself for over a year, I finally took the leap from a smartphone to a “dumb” phone in early January of this year. I had long been aware of the negative effects of ever-present social media, but I couldn’t quite commit to making the cut. During the last few months of owning an iPhone, I would constantly find myself deleting apps to focus on things that matter, such as my schoolwork or face-to-face conversations. This was a short-term solution, however, as I inevitably […]

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The smartphone debate: convenience turned unexpected responsibility

Matt Firpo Opinion Editor In my experience, having a smartphone has been a tool that has improved my life and made interactions with classmates easier. I didn’t always have a smartphone during college. I had a normal cellphone for most of my freshman year until I bought my first smartphone. Having a smartphone has been an enriching experience because it allows me to do so many things, just from my phone. However, having it has also been a test of self-control. One of the main reasons I bought a smartphone […]

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Students preview Troy football team

Zenith Shrestha Contributor With the all-time high attendance record broken last season, the Trojan football team showed its gratitude with the Student Night Practice and Scrimmage. “It means a lot to our kids,” said Matt Moore, co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, when asked about the fans. “It means a lot to us as a staff. We fill the student section on home games, and they’re loud, and they’re crazy. It makes it hard for people to come play here, and that’s what we want to do is just show […]

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Warriors for autism hit the quad

Madina Seytmuradova Staff Writer Troy University’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) club conducted its first  Autism Walk on April 4, 2017, on the main quad and raised funds for the future of autistic students. “We’re going to use the money that we raise to form a scholarship program,” said Allison Wrape, a junior psychology major from Harvest and one of the student organizers of the event. “And then people can nominate someone who has autism to get the scholarship, and then that money would go to therapeutic services for their autism.” […]

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Why go Greek? Students share insight on fraternities, sororities

Lasata Shrestha Staff Writer On the heels of Greek Week, Troy students discussed why they personally chose to join Greek organizations. According to U.S. News, almost one out of every three students at Troy are members of the Greek community. With 22 nationally recognized Greek organizations, there is no doubt of Greek life’s prominence at Troy. While many people join Greek organizations to gain a social network and a sense of community, there are countless other perks to Greek life that attract students. “I knew about the old tests, lab […]

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Students organize debate on campus

Madina Seytmuradova Staff writer Controversial topics and intense competition stirred the debaters and audience members at the “Shockwaves in Bibb Graves” debate between members of the Philosophy Society and the Economics Club on Monday. Each team had the chance to pick two of the five topics suggested by their opponents ahead of the event. The judges then picked a fifth topic that was announced during the event. The topics of debate included whether companies should advertise to children, the border wall, artificial intelligence (AI) research, welfare and whether plastic bags […]

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