By: Jill Odom Picture this; you are going on a date with this guy you really like. When he shows up he honks the horn a couple times to get you to come outside,  then when you get to the movies he walks inside without a second glance and buys his own ticket then stands by for you to pay for your own. Now how many of you ladies would go on a second date with this person? Not that many. Even though chivalry is considered a dying notion, girls […]

by · February 14, 2013 · Variety

Severe Weather Preppers

by: Jane Morrell Did you get freaked out when that crazy weather hit last week? Did you pack up all of your precious belongings into your backpack and tote it around with you to every class? Worry no more because I have a guide to prepare you for when the next weather catastrophe happens. The first step to preparing for bad weather: Be aware of what’s going on. Always keep up with the news, or the weather channel. The weather channel can warn you ahead of time if bad weather […]

by · February 7, 2013 · Variety