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Posts published in “Variety”

The James Bond Big Three

By: Caleb Odom He is the man women want to be with and the guy men want to be. For half a century Bond, James Bond has been on the big screens saving the world, getting the girl and drinking his drink “shaken not stirred.” But the beauty of the Bond films is that the fans Read More

Chinese Culture class Offers Creative Ways to Learn About Culture

By: Jill Odom In the basement of Bibb Graves, a small few gather in Room 14 on every other Thursday at 6 p.m. for their Chinese Culture class. This hidden gem of a class is taught by Jie Xing, who works with the Confucius Institute as a coordinator at the Chinese Testing Center. Jie Xing, who Read More

Top Five Board Games

By: Devin Smith Even though I graduated to video games as I got older, I started off playing board games. I loved them because it was competition that made you think, and I loved having to out think my competition to win. There are hundreds upon hundreds of board games, and not all are necessarily on Read More

News Briefs

By: Jill Odom U.S. declares to defend itself and South Korea if attacked Secretary of State John Kerry announced today that the United States would defend itself and its “treaty ally” South Korea. Tensions have been raised in North Korea due to UN sanctions and joint military drills between the U.S. and South Korea. The Pentagon Read More

Energy Drinks

By: Kianna Collins Photo By April Irvin Energy drinks are becoming increasingly more popular as a quick hit of energy for students. Whether it be cramming for tests or just making it through the day, energy drinks are assimilating themselves into our society. Some students on campus here use it purely for energy. “I live for Read More

Digital vs Physical comics

By: Jonathan Bryant There are fewer categories of readers that cling to the importance of physical books more than comic book fans, and rightfully so. There are few experiences more therapeutic than visiting the local comic shop each Wednesday.  These trips to the traditional brick-and-mortar establishment are, more often than not, a social event.  Relationships fostered Read More

Pros and cons of living off campus

By: Jamal Carswell Living accommodations are something that is essential to any and every college student. Where you live and how you live are 50 percent of your life as a college student. There are a lot of variables that determine the state of living, such as the pros and cons of the housing, the cost Read More

The good, the bad, and the ugly book to movie adaptations

By: Jill Odom Let’s face it, whenever you hear that your favorite book is going to be made into a movie several emotions and tons of questions go through your head. You’re excited because you have always wanted to see it brought to life the way only Hollywood knows how, but, on the other hand, there Read More

Books vs. e-books

Books vs. e-books – the big debate. Both have their own uniqueness and some prefer e-books over regular books just for the cost, but here is a compiled list of pros and cons for both media.   Books   Pros: The physical book itself is a pro. The smell of the pages is enough to make Read More

Trop News Briefs

By: Jill Odom Supreme Court examines Prop. Eight and same-sex marriage The Supreme Court is currently looking over California’s Proposition Eight, which banned the marriage of same-sex couples in the state. This is the first time in more than 40 years the Supreme Court has been asked to scrutinize the limits that the Constitution imposes on Read More

News Briefs

TJ Lane accepts his life sentence with smile In Cleveland, Ohio, TJ Lane was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his three fellow high school students from Chardon High School.  He came to court for his sentencing on March 19 and wore a white t-shirt with the word “killer” written on it in Read More

Top Five Disney Animated Movies

By: Andrew Clay I’ve spent my life as a Disnerd watching, reading, learning and experiencing the culture of Walt Disney World and now it is time for me to share my top 5 non-Pixar animated features of all time. Disney has a produced more than 50 animated features making this decision rough, but when the park Read More

Trop News Briefs pt.2

International News Briefs Venezuelan President dies at age 58 Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, died March 5 after 14 years in power. After being ill with cancer for over a year and undergoing several surgeries in Cuba, Chavez was not seen in public for several months. There will be a seven day mourning period and Vice Read More

Top 10 things Troy has Done in the past 20 Years

Writers note: This is what I believe to be the top ten great ideas Troy has had and implemented in the last 20 (or so) years. I believe these have changed what we as students think of Troy University today and what future graduates will think of Troy in the future. These ideas were selected for Read More