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The international experience: faculty version

Anushka K.C. Staff Writer Lirona Joshi Staff Writer Troy University’s pride of being an international university comes not only from the cosmopolitan student body it hosts, but also from the number of international faculty who have added to its vibrancy. “Here in United States, we have very efficient and simple system,” said Vitaly I. Voloshin, professor of mathematics, originally from the Republic of Moldova. “The class here is three hours a week. My country has classes of two hours, 45 minutes each with a break between them, because we have […]

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Sodexo offers healthy options to students

Madina Seytmuradova Staff writer While it’s tempting to grab a fried chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A between classes, both campus dwellers and commuters start looking for healthier food choices on campus as summer looms ahead. But what is healthy on Troy’s campus? Student athletes say that a healthy diet does not have to entail eradicating certain foods altogether. “It’s not like we just try to cut something completely out of our diet,” said Grace Murly, a softball player and freshman undecided major from Jackson, Mississippi. “We sometimes splurge­—get ice cream once […]

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Trojans share spring break stories

Anushka K.C. Staff Writer According to Time Magazine, the arrival of spring, also known as the season of fertility and awakening, was historically celebrated in honor of Dionysus or Bacchus, the Greek and Roman gods of wine. Similarly, spring break is now a time to rejuvenate and take a break from hustle and bustle of everyday life. Spring break has now past. The week-long vacation tempts all students to take a break from their day-to-day schedule. Whether it be spending time at home or going somewhere, there are many stories […]

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New female-only ministry begins

Lirona Joshi Staff Writer New to Troy’s campus, The Redeemed is an female-only Christian ministry that focuses on bringing young women together to share their faith. It met for the second time on Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 6 p.m. in the Arboretum. “Our main message is to share the redemption of Christ with girls and to share what it looks like to live a redeemed life,” said Emily Tew, a freshman communication major from Headland. “The first gathering was only last semester, so we’re still experimenting and trying to figure […]

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Troy’s history of H20 and Theta Phi

James Thompson Jr. Alumnus contributor In the mid 1970s the campus of Troy State University (TSU) was like almost every other Southern college. It was a predominantly white college campus and lacked both racial and cultural diversity. The city of Troy’s population was approximately 13,000, and there was very little African American (hereafter “black”) representation. There were a handful of black students on campus, and the first black professor wouldn’t be hired until over a decade later. Other than the sign-of-the-times Afro Club, there were few organizations that openly welcomed […]

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Theater department: behind the scenes

Lirona Joshi Staff Writer Theater productions offer the audience a chance to experience an alternate reality, even if it is for just a few moments. The actors may be the most visible in the production, but the show that’s put on display is impossible without a number of hidden people pulling the strings behind the scene. According to Scott Anderson, lecturer of costume design in the theatre and dance department, the background work for a production begins weeks before the rehearsals. “We start off with reading the script and getting […]

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Trojan athletics: pre-game rituals

Madina Seytmuradova Staff Writer While few will admit to having superstitions, most people have small rituals they follow to get in the groove, like putting on makeup or listening to music. For athletes, whose future can depend on mere seconds, rituals are as natural as a warmup. “I don’t know — it helps to focus,” said Louissa Ferrotti, a sophomore business major from Cologne, Germany, and Trojan tennis player. “There’s so much pressure we have, like you just have to believe in something and some ritual you always do.” Ferrotti […]

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A look into how Troy has changed

Priyanka Sharma Staff Writer Troy University has experienced a lot of change since it was established in 1887. Over those years, many things have changed at the university other than its student body. Some of the faculty and staff have spoken about their experiences and feelings about Troy. James Davis, assistant professor in the English department, has been a part of Troy for the past 32 years. “I came in as a creative writing professor, and I probably might not have been able to do that as much at some […]

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Students gain insight via departmental research

Lasata Shrestha Staff Writer Research experience is not only vital for a competitive resume, but also for developing curiosity as well as problem-solving abilities for students. While many students aim for the perfect 4.0 GPA, most do not consider getting involved in research with their professors or even start their own. There are numerous benefits of attaining research experience because it can serve as a proof of competence to future employers. It also helps the students to think critically, challenge existing beliefs, balance collaborative and individual work and identify their […]

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Study Abroad Club seeks to connect students

Aniket Maharjan Staff Writer Troy’s Study Abroad Club (SAC), formed just last semester, aims to connect international students and Americans who may be interested in studying abroad, as well as to get more students interested in studying abroad. The SAC gives Americans the opportunity to meet students from other countries and interact with different cultures, therefore gaining a better appreciation and understanding of the world beyond what they have experienced in the U.S. Students meet to discuss opportunities as well as experiences of studying in foreign countries. “We saw a […]

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