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Posts published in “Variety”

Students present summer research

Pratibha Gautam Staff Writer The Physics Club held a student research presentation on Monday, Oct. 15, allowing students to gain experience in communicating their findings by displaying and explaining them to their friends and classmates. “Being able to communicate one’s research is almost as important as doing it,” said Ty Naquin, a junior physics major from Read More

Is free speech under threat? Discussion group raises questions about first amendment rights

Taylor Walding Variety Editor American Downfall, a discussion group led by Luke Ritter, a lecturer of history, organized a discussion on the concept of free speech and its consequences, particularly focusing on whether free speech is under threat on college campuses around the United States. Before the discussion, Ritter took an anonymous poll through Kahoot to Read More

Make your dorm feel like home

Zach Henson Editor in Chief Since the newness of the academic year has worn off, many students may be starting to feel a bit homesick, and although not everyone can simply zip home for a quick family visit, there are some ways to help make college feel a bit more like home. In my going-on-four years Read More

Students cheer hard for volleyball team, become its official No. 1 fans

Pratibha Gautam Staff Writer The intense love and support of some Troy students has led to the formation of an official pep squad for the volleyball team. Keri Phillips, a freshman marketing major from Huntsville, and a group of her friends including Trey Riley, a sophomore marketing major from Spanish Fort, and Katherine Hafley, a sophomore Read More

Students learning history via games

Rakshak Adhikari Staff Writer The department of history at Troy University has been offering a class on the history of games every fall since 2016. According to Elizabeth Blum, a professor of history and the instructor for the class, History Through Games explores a variety of time periods ranging from early civilization to medieval Europe through Read More

58% of Troy freshman class enrolled in remedial courses

Abhigya Ghimire Staff Writer Zenith Shrestha Staff Writer According to Student Services, about 58 percent of incoming freshmen have to take developmental courses, but those classes can help prepare students for their college careers. According to Hal Fulmer, the dean of undergraduate and first-year studies, 882 out of the 1,528 incoming freshmen this semester had to Read More

Travels give TESOL students exposure to different cultures

Bishal Niroula Staff Writer Troy, living up to its title of Alabama’s International university, not only offers non-native English speaking students classes in learning English as a Second Language (ESL), but also offers a minor to native English-speakers in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) through the College of Communication and Fine Arts.  Theresa Read More

Troy’s traditions, the need for more

Emma Daniel News Editor Anyone who has seen a college movie knows Hollywood universities have ridiculously lax attendance policies and hold zany traditions each student must perform.  The attendance policies at Troy University may be different than in movies, but Troy still has a few traditions for students to look forward to.  “Most freshmen, after their Read More

Clubs clean Conecuh River crud

Maya Martin Contributor The Philosophy Society and the Environmental Club participated in the Alabama Coastal Cleanup (ACC), an event that focuses on cleaning litter from coastal waterways and beaches, on Sept. 15.  It is a part of the Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit environmental group based in Washington, D.C., which coordinates state events like the ACC.  Jay Read More

Trojan Dining seeks to accommodate students by providing vegetarian options

Rakshak Adhikari Staff Writer As the newly arrived freshmen grapple with their freshmen 15, vegetarian and vegan students on campus face a dilemma of a rather peculiar nature.  Kavya Ajbani, a junior biomedical sciences major from Ahmedabad, India, is a strict vegetarian for religious reasons and as such, she does not consume food which comes in Read More