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New Year’s resolutions, health and body image

Anushka K.C. Staff Writer “New year, new me.” This is a common phrase we hear when New Year’s is around the corner. New Year’s resolutions are an exciting feature of the new year, but often people forget those resolutions the next day. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, the top New Year’s resolutions for 2017 were losing weight and eating healthier (21.4 percent). Finding themselves tempted by drinks, pizza and fast food, many people are not able to truly commit to their resolutions. Amongst sharing memes about food and […]

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Campus staff shares safety tips

Lirona Joshi Staff Writer While the university’s annual Safety Report records few crimes, it is still important to know how to keep yourself safe on and off campus. Troy University is an open campus with approximately 8,000 students milling about. Naturally, there is a concern for student safety. Detective James Taylor of the Troy University Police Department said that the key to an individual’s safekeeping is to be alert of his or her surroundings. “Be aware of your surroundings on campus, and that will resolve a lot of issues—the thefts […]

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Students discuss stigma surrounding hijabs

Priyanka Sharma Staff Writer Discussing hijabs has always been a sensitive matter in this part of the world. A hijab is a head covering worn by some Muslim women, and the Arabic word “hijab” means to veil. Perhaps there is a negative stigma surrounding them because of westerners’ unfamiliarity with hijabs. “The first thing that comes to my mind when I see them is that they are foreign and from a different culture,” said Jakeria Deramus, a senior nursing major from Pratt­ville. “I don’t think we know the full meaning […]

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RA’s talk resident pet peeves

Lasata Shrestha Staff Writer Resident assistants, on top of their classes and social lives, are regularly helping out their residents. Because of this, RA’s tend to develop some pet peeves. RaShawn Flowers, a sophomore social science major from Daleville and an RA in Trojan Village 300, recalled being asked by female residents to kill a cockroach in their dorm room. “I walked into the room to find that it was humongous, and the moment I go towards it, all the girls in the room just ran screaming in fear that […]

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Off-campus housing options

Lasata Shrestha Staff Writer Madina Seytmuradova Variety Editor With the limited number of on-campus housing options available, many students end up looking at other options. These off-campus rentals can vary in price, and finding the right balance between the distance from campus and the price can be a tough decision. Other than the availability of spaces, some students decide to move off-campus because of the mandatory meal plan. Cathy Huang, a senior biomedical sciences major from Birmingham, said that she moved to the Pointe her sophomore year for this reason. […]

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Last-minute fall break destinations for broke students

Israel Ashby Staff Writer For students busy studying and working on class assignments, planning for the fall break may be left for the last minute. Luckily, some Trojans have offered suggestions for cheap and quick things to do over the break. Gabriel Byrd, a sophomore marketing major from Birmingham, suggested taking advantage of the fall weather that encourages outdoor activities such as camping or going to the beach. “Since our fall break goes over Thanksgiving, we have that full week, weekend to weekend,” Byrd said. “I can stay in the […]

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Major challenge: tough-class advice

  Lirona Joshi Staff Writer The relief of getting a seat in a class that is required for one’s major may fade for students who find the class more challenging than expected. For these essential classes, some Trojans have tips on how to persevere and make a good grade. Cathy Huang, a senior biomedical sciences major from Chayi, Taiwan, said that cell biology was the hardest class she has had to take for her major. “I took cell biology in 2014 spring with Dr. (Christi) Magrath,” Huang said. “She is […]

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White Towel Movement: Cheer for Troy

Madina Seytmuradova Variety Editor After the remarkable fan presence during the game against South Alabama, the student fan base seemed to diminish during last Saturday’s game. “I was at the box. I looked over to the student section, and it was empty,” said Alina Penjieva, an admissions counselor for the game. “Third quarter – empty, fourth quarter – empty. Where are our fans?” According to Penjieva, she then noticed that some of the players cheered on their teammates by waving white towels during the tense moments of the game. “So […]

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Humans vs. Zombies: A day in life

Anushka K.C. Contributor Nerf guns cock, sweat glistens on their faces, their feet shuffle, crunching the grass beneath into pieces as the group splits into two — the humans and the zombies start strategizing their moves for their last mission of the campaign. Karina Ann Yeger, Atlantic University student and the Human Leader with a shock of blue hair gives instructions. “Today we need to stick together in tight groups. Do not leave the positions you’ve been assigned. We will not get stuck. Do not get into tight corridors, do […]

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Experience ISCO Festival 2016

Madina Seytmuradova Variety Editor From the performers and guests in traditional gowns to first-time attendees and backstage workers, ISCO Festival is an annual event that offers all the participants different experiences. “It’s a party,” said Joe McCall, ISCO faculty adviser and an assistant professor of history. “It’s a party for 300 people and that makes it stressful but once it starts rolling, once the first act starts, I think the kids (ISCO officers) enjoy it more than anything.” One of the first acts of this year’s festival was “Smoke of […]

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