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Posts published in “Variety”

DC is obviously better than Marvel, but let’s play this game anyway.

by: Reid “Sawcy” Potts   DC or Marvel? For any self-respecting nerd, this question is inevitable. Well, the answer is a simple one—DC. Honestly, I enjoy Marvel. I’ve been a fan of the X-Men and Spider-Man since I was a wee little lad, but they just don’t hold up to the pantheon of DC. One of Read More

Trojan News Briefs

News Briefs Flock of cardinals found corrupt With the conclave gathering in Rome to vote on the new pope, scandals are being unveiled as well causing certain cardinals to decline from participating in the conclave. The conclave is the voting process where all the cardinals of the Catholic Church are locked in the Sistine Chapel and Read More

Our Own Fantasy and Lights Show…Every Night?

by: Jane Morrell This week will be exploring a hot button issue among our student body: the football stadium and our new basketball arena lights staying on past 2 a.m. every night. After conducting a poll of around 50 students, asking for their opinions and what were their major concerns. Were they for the lights burning Read More

Why Marvel is objectively better than DC

By:  Jonathan Bryant For many of us, the battle for superiority between DC Comics and Marvel Comics has waged since time immemorial. Feelings have been hurt. Friends have been lost. At some point, the Superman vs. Hulk argument gets thrown around. The end result is nearly always the same—forums and the like become a figurative battlefield Read More

Academy Awards

By: Kianna Collins The Academy Awards began as a small gathering of 275 people on May 16, 1929. Tickets were five dollars per person, and the attendees already knew of their victories. This event also was not televised, which makes it completely different from what the Academy Awards are now. Winners of the awards are kept Read More