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The Tropolitan

Balancing commuting and campus

Deja Suarez Contributor For the last three years, I have lived in Troy, Alabama. I recently moved back to my hometown, Montgomery, and into a house with two of my best friends. I often second-guess my choice in moving out of Troy. My decision was tough because I was leaving so much convenience behind as it Read More

Overreaction to Fallon unnecessary

Katie Miller Staff Writer Social media backlash from Troy students erupted when the host of “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon, said, “Duke vs. Troy. That sounds like a fight between two skinny white dudes. What’s Troy? That’s not a college. Who goes to Troy? No one goes to Troy. Duke wins.” After Fallon shared his unpopular Read More

Students organize debate on campus

Madina Seytmuradova Staff writer Controversial topics and intense competition stirred the debaters and audience members at the “Shockwaves in Bibb Graves” debate between members of the Philosophy Society and the Economics Club on Monday. Each team had the chance to pick two of the five topics suggested by their opponents ahead of the event. The judges Read More

The international experience: faculty version

Anushka K.C. Staff Writer Lirona Joshi Staff Writer Troy University’s pride of being an international university comes not only from the cosmopolitan student body it hosts, but also from the number of international faculty who have added to its vibrancy. “Here in United States, we have very efficient and simple system,” said Vitaly I. Voloshin, professor Read More

Seminar to discuss social justice

Pratiksha Joshi Staff Writer The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) is organizing a daylong seminar entitled “Social Justice and Fairness” to take place on Saturday, April 1, in Patterson Hall Room 300 from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. “We at the Johnson Center are the bridge between Troy University and IHS,” said David Hebert, assistant professor Read More