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Student discusses separation of art and artist, the role of the media in art

Olivia Nobles Staff Writer In a world where fame is king, and celebrities are icons, it’s important for the rest of society to recognize the divide between artist and art.  Pop culture icons have always been regarded as the members of society whose opinions somehow carry more weight than the rest of us; however, as individuals, Read More

UAC to host canvas painting class to help students relieve stress, relax through creativity

Lilly Barnett Contributor Pratibha Gautam Staff Writer For students experiencing stress, the University Activities Council will be hosting a canvas painting class on Feb. 27 in the Trojan Center Ballroom at 8 p.m.  Taylor Holt, a junior social science major from Huntsville and the activities coordinator for the UAC, is expecting at least 150 students to Read More

The internet killed the video star: one student’s thoughts on modern music

Matt Firpo Contributor “The times they are a changin’” – though he may not have known it then, Bob Dylan predicted the future of music with these lyrics.  The internet has greatly changed music as a culture and redefined artists again and again in the past 20 years.  A pop star is now just a tweet Read More

Parks art exhibit offers a voice to unheard artists

Olivia Nobles Staff Writer Troy University’s Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery will be partnering with Valiant Cross Academy for a temporary art exhibit featuring all African American artists beginning on Jan. 17. The exhibit, “Down South: From the Souls of African American Artists of Alabama,” features work from more than 30 artists, all of whose names Read More

Art students draw human physique

Taylor Walding Variety Editor In life drawing class, one of the required courses for a bachelor of fine arts degree, students learn to draw the human physique by sketching undressed models during class. According to Pam Allen, the chair of the art department, this is the most important class for art students, as they learn to Read More