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Posts tagged as “Democrats”

Democrats must prioritize progressive legislation over impeaching president

Scott Shelton Staff Writer Democrats have taken control of the U.S. House of Representatives. They now need to find the right balance of passing progressive legislation and keeping the executive branch in check.  Since the 2016 elections, Republicans have controlled both chambers of Congress and the presidency.  The GOP needed minimal to no Democratic support to Read More

Democrats finally make the right call by eliminating superdelegate voting in presidential primary

Sam Stroud Staff Writer Last week the Democratic National Committee (DNC) declared that superdelegates will no longer be able to vote in the party’s presidential nomination cycle. The nomination process includes candidates within each party competing against each other to get the most delegates from each state in primaries or caucuses. At the end of the Read More

Fighting media bias requires that we educate ourselves

Matt Firpo Contributor The news, which was confined to radio and television broadcasts several decades ago, now inhabits our social feeds and notifications on our phones.                 The jump-start of technology in the 21st century goes hand-in-hand with the rapid evolution of journalism, creating an information overload that confronts Read More