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Posts tagged as “Diversity”

Interfaith panel lacks diversity, but a good first step

Rakshak Adhikari Staff Writer  The Departments of English and Political Science co-hosted an “Interfaith Symposium on Diversity, Community and Justice” last week.  The event was meant to be the first of a series of interdisciplinary conventions on global, intercultural and cross-cultural issues.  The diversity of the panel itself, however, appeared to be confined to the Abrahamic Read More

Chi Alpha’s ‘Welcome to America’ party encourages unity, diversity

Steven Porter Contributor Chi Alpha hosted a “Welcome to America” party with food and games to help international students feel welcome in this new country. Chi Alpha encouraged students to get to know each other no matter the differences in culture or background. Troy University proudly flaunts the title “Alabama’s International University.” With 30 campuses around Read More

The international experience: faculty version

Anushka K.C. Staff Writer Lirona Joshi Staff Writer Troy University’s pride of being an international university comes not only from the cosmopolitan student body it hosts, but also from the number of international faculty who have added to its vibrancy. “Here in United States, we have very efficient and simple system,” said Vitaly I. Voloshin, professor Read More