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Clery Report misses the mark

Zach Henson Editor-in-Chief The Federal Clery Act requires most universities to publicize an annual safety report detailing yearly crime statistics for their campuses. As a student and journalist, I find this system highly flawed and the reports themselves shockingly incomplete. According to Susan Sarapin, an associate professor of journalism and specialist in media law, research shows Read More

Troy’s traditions, the need for more

Emma Daniel News Editor Anyone who has seen a college movie knows Hollywood universities have ridiculously lax attendance policies and hold zany traditions each student must perform.  The attendance policies at Troy University may be different than in movies, but Troy still has a few traditions for students to look forward to.  “Most freshmen, after their Read More

Some websites blocked on certain areas of campus

Kimberly Crum Contributor Some websites are completely blocked on Troy University’s campus, but there are some websites that are blocked only on certain areas of campus, leaving students wondering why they can’t catch an episode of a Netflix show between classes. Information Technology (IT) said some websites, such as Netflix, used to be unblocked, but this Read More

Cardinal Creeper’s identity unveiled

Taylor Walding Variety Editor This year’s senior class may recall in the fall of 2015 — their freshman year — a mysterious entity widely known as the Cardinal Creeper. It was a person cloaked in a red blanket and skull makeup who stalked various areas around campus and received a semi-obsessive following on Yik Yak, an Read More

Troy Trojan Heart nominees discuss volunteering at senior center, animal shelter

Taylor Walding Features Editor As of Tuesday, 21 people had been nominated to receive the Troy Trojan Heart award, according to Avery Livingston, coordinator of the university’s Office of Civic Engagement. The winner will be able to donate $1,000 in prize money to the organization of his or her choice. Catherine Jordan, the director of the Read More

Chancellor’s Fellows discuss leadership goals for 2018

Taylor Walding Features Editor Lirona Joshi Staff Writer Tu To Staff Writer Five faculty members were chosen by Jack Hawkins, the chancellor of Troy University, to participate in the 2018 Chancellor’s Fellows Program. This year’s program will focus on leadership across the curriculum, according to John Kline, director of the Institute for Leadership Development. “It will Read More

Students are learning to fly

Taylor Boydstun Variety Editor While the majority of college students’ class time is spent in a classroom listening to lectures, students in the Trojan Aviation Program get to fly with their instructors over the city of Troy and surrounding areas. “It’s basically passing down a legacy,” said Robert McCabe, the director/operations manager and chief flight officer. Read More

Seminar talks gov’t regulation

Lirona Joshi Staff Writer The Institute for Human Studies (HIS) from George Mason University, in collaboration with the Johnson Center of Troy and the John Templeton Foundation, hosted a daylong seminar on Saturday, Nov. 4, on “The Unintended Consequences of Regulation” in Patterson Hall. “IHS event brings out people who are well learned with their specific Read More

Incoming students to compete for Millennium, Chancellor scholarships

Sinclair Portis Staff Writer Lilly Casolaro News Editor The next group of incoming Troy freshmen will compete for academic scholarships. New scholarship requirements for the undergraduate academic scholarships of the Millennium Scholar’s Award and the Chancellor’s Award have been implemented for incoming Troy freshmen in 2018. This year’s changes do not guarantee that qualified students will Read More

Society prepares cadets for leadership

  Zach Henson Staff Writer “The warrior who cultivates his mind polishes his arm,” said Cadet Capt. Casey Brumbeloe, a sophomore criminal justice major from Slapout, while quoting the Arnold Air Society motto. “By cultivating our minds, by making ourselves sharper, we’re preparing ourselves to be better leaders in the future,” he explained. This is the Read More

Then and now: Name changes

  Tori Bedsole Features Editor Here’s to the school we love, even before it was the school we know. Troy University did not begin as a university; the institution has actually been through a number of name changes since its founding. Troy State Normal School was founded in 1887 as an institution to train educators for Read More

Students debate hate talk: Charlottesville sparks discussion

Ashley Brown Contributor A forum organized to allow students to voice their opinions on the events that transpired in Charlottesville, Virginia, was created to be an open arena for free speech. A diverse collection of about 50 students and professors gathered in Patterson Hall on Wednesday, Aug. 23, to discuss their opinions and ideas of hate Read More

Society cleans up Conecuh

  Lilly Casolaro News Editor By adopting a section of a nearby river, one Troy organization is determined to make a difference beyond the University. The Philosophy Society will be cleaning up the Conecuh River, located about five miles from campus, on Friday, Aug. 25. According to Troy’s website, the primary goal of the society “is Read More

New statues unveiled, represent buildings throughout campus

Victoria Cirilli Staff Writer Troy University has recently added a series of statues to multiple campuses around the state. The statues, which have been given to Troy by Huo Boa Zhu, were donated along with the Terracotta Warrior exhibit that was unveiled last year. This summer, the series of stand-alone statues made its debut to the Read More