10 rainy day thoughts that Troy students have

Grishma Rimal
Variety Editor

1)     I don’t want to go to classes.

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2)     I wish it would snow for the school to shut down.

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3)  Anyone who is not from the South: I was promised warmth!

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  4)   So many puddles to dodge, just to get to class 🙁

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5)   Is TC more crowded than usual?

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6)     I don’t want to go to classes…(insert more tears)

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7)   Walking from one building to another in the rain is the worst thing to happen to humanity.

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8)     It better not rain this weekend and ruin my (insert barely exciting plans).

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 9)     You despise anyone who enjoys the weather.

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10)  Time to get tea/coffee/hot chocolate and binge watch Netflix.

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