14 reasons why being single on Valentine’s Day is ok.

It’s that time of the year again: when heart-shaped everything takes over, and love and romance are two words you frequently start hearing. Yes, Valentine’s Day is almost here. For many relationships, this brings about a reason to celebrate their love, and most do. Single folks, on the other hand, are often left outside of this love festivity and getting stigmatized for doing so is ever so common in our judgmental society. So, we here at the Trop would like to give you 14 reasons why being single on the 14th of this month is ABSOLUTELY OK.

Disclaimer: We are surely not trying to undermine any couples out there for whom this day may matter a lot. This one is for those individuals who may be perplexed and appalled by the significance of this corporate-driven cheese-fest.

1) Valentine’s Day is overrated. If you truly love someone, why wait to express that feeling on one day of the year when everyone is doing so as well? It’s really not all that special.


2) You don’t go through the mental agony of trying to find the perfect gift.

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3) You don’t have to spend time on planning out a perfect way to celebrate it, either.

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4) Think of how much money you save.

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5) You need not dress up and get ready for a date by wearing uncomfortable a necktie or heels. You can spend the day in your PJs, and there is no argument about which one would be more comfortable.

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6) You don’t have to buy chocolates and give them to someone else – you can eat them yourself.

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7) Wouldn’t you rather hang out with your friends and do something fun?

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8) Or maybe just stay in and play some video games.

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9) Nothing beats getting cozy under a blanket and watching a good movie.

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10)  It’s the middle of the semester – you probably have tons of schoolwork you need to finish.

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11)  This deserves a second mention: money. You are in college and that means nine times out of ten, you are probably broke. You really can’t afford wasting money just because social convention dictates so.

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12)  If Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, then celebrate the love that you have for yourself. Treat yourself to something nice. Do what makes you happy without comparing yourself to others.

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13) Feb. 15 will be a blast as all the candy and chocolates go on sale.

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14)  Look around, the world is filled with single people. There is nothing wrong with not having a relationship when everyone else does. You are not the only one. Plus, single people have more fun anyways.

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