15 things Troy athletes feel

Jaycee Affeldt


1. Even if our off day is on a Monday, it’s still automatically our favorite day of the week.


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2. Being a Troy athlete is like having two full-time jobs.






3. Ibuprofen and Gatorade are a way of life.


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4. Having fans in the stands to support us is the best feeling in the world.


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5. Hydrating is great when it’s humid, but not when you’re trying to stay asleep for longer than 30 minutes at night.


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6. Seeing students wearing rival universities’ apparel is like a slap in the face.


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7. Being tired all the time has become the “norm”.


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8. 30 minutes left in practice means 30 minutes until you get to EAT.


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9. Finding a comfortable sleeping position on the bus takes real talent.


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10. Even if we didn’t have time management skills in high school, we definitely have them now.




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11.  The day after leg day should be a campus holiday.


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12. Except, holidays only mean one thing: unlimited practice time…


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13. We rock ice bags in class like it’s our job.


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14. Our teammates are our family. It’s like having ten (or more) brothers or sisters.


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15. We work hard on and off the field/court for Troy University and having your support as a student body means a great amount to us!


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Jaycee Affeldt is a junior broadcast journalism major from Vancouver, Canada, and a pitcher for the Troy University softball team. 

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