99 problems: is Wi-Fi one of them?

Katie Miller

Staff Writer

College students rely on stable Wi-Fi for homework, Internet surfing or checking social media.

However, Wi-Fi connectivity is questionable in certain areas on Troy University’s campus, and this may lead to the inability to finish assignments or complete various other tasks.

Caitlyn Pope, a sophomore music education major from Bonaire, Georgia, is dissatisfied with the performance of Troy’s Wi-Fi.

“I find that you can have trouble almost any time of day with a lot of people trying to access the Wi-Fi,” Pope said.

With the abundance of Troy students attempting to log on at one time, Wi-Fi access can occasionally be a hit or miss.

For Pope, completing math homework has proved difficult, as it “took (her) three hours to do 10 problems because nothing would load.” Last year, Pope had significant trouble with her connectivity because she was unable to complete several important assignments before their due dates.

“Last year, I didn’t get to take a final online because it didn’t connect,” she said.

Pope is able to scout out convenient areas in which to use the Wi-Fi in order to complete her homework.

“The library is pretty decent, and Smith is OK,” Pope said of places where she can access decent Wi-Fi.

Ronnie Wilcox, a sophomore nursing major from Salt Lake City, likes the Wi-Fi quality in the New Residence Hall; she works as a resident assistant within the building.

I personally believe a brand new building will have positive effects on the Wi-Fi connectivity because newer installations are available to make the system run smoother and quicker. “Generally, New Res is pretty OK with Wi-Fi,” Wilcox said. “I haven’t had residents complain about it. I lived in Hamil last year, and it was really a lot, but here I haven’t had the same issues.”

An area that receives good reception, in Wilcox’s opinion, is the bookstore. However, Wilcox said it is occasionally troublesome in most areas.

“I’ve noticed that it slows down a lot in the afternoon,” Wilcox said. “It goes in and out at different times all over campus.”

Matt Mercer, who works in the Information Technology department at Troy University, said the IT department “constantly looks for ways to improve service offerings and increase capacity where demands on the equipment may create issues.”

According to Mercer, the coverage on Troy’s campus is stable, with 98 percent coverage of all academic and dormitory areas.

Mercer explained that the quality of Wi-Fi is consistently monitored and worked on by the IT department.

“Troy utilizes a third-party vendor to review and design heat maps for Wi-Fi coverage,” Mercer said. “Those heat maps are used to allocate resources based on usage patterns. As with any technology, usage patterns may vary over time, and IT works with vendors to periodically reassess Wi-Fi coverage as needed based on usage.”

Not only are classrooms and various academic buildings on campus monitored, but dorms are given priority as well.

“IT works closely with Housing for Internet services to the residential dorms,” Mercer said. “Internet traffic is prioritized based on educational and academic needs having the highest priority over other traffic.”

I have seldom had trouble with the Wi-Fi connection in Cowart Hall. The classrooms are occasionally spotty with the quality, but I always end up connecting one way or another. My laptop is fairly new, so I believe that helps; if you have a dated device, connecting will be more difficult.

Mercer provided information on how to submit a Helpdesk ticket so that connectivity issues may be resolved. Students can visit their online site at http://helpdesk.troy.edu to submit a ticket, select “Live Chat” on the site, or simply call the Helpdesk at 334-670-HELP (4357).

This information above is extremely useful and will assist Troy University students in solving issues with connectivity, so that homework and various other tasks can be completed.

The IT department continuously watches the Wi-Fi connectivity here on campus.

“We want to help students get their problems solved as soon as possible,” Mercer said.

The IT department is here to help us, so we need to seek out help if Wi-Fi issues arise.

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