Clinton is the ticket for 2016

Dr. James L. Sherry


As we approach the final days of this excruciatingly long presidential campaign, I am still surprised by how many Americans believe that they have been reduced to choosing the “lesser of two evils.” They seem to feel that we are entitled to some perfect candidate, and since such a person has not shown up, they wallow in negativity about their options.

This does not bode well for participation on Election Day. It suggests that many will merely stay home.

I am far removed from this attitude, and I enthusiastically endorse the candidacy of my fellow grad school student, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her excellent vice-presidential running mate, Tim Kaine.

I have long classified myself as a pragmatic progressive, and the objectives of Clinton and Kaine resonate strongly with me.

Their plans incorporate the very best of the centrist policies first advanced by Bill Clinton during the 1990s and the forward-looking orientation of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in vogue during the current campaign.

As a senator from New York, Clinton was distinguished by her ability to work together with Republicans and make intelligent compromises, when necessary, to achieve meaningful legislation.

Tim Kaine was elected both governor and senator in conservative Virginia, largely because he could work with members of the other party.

I am confident that these two, with the likely new Sentate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Majority Leader Paul Ryan, will combine their best ideas and re-establish a greater good than we have seen in Washington in over two decades.

I am persuaded that Clinton will propose a jobs program as part of a stimulus package reminiscent of the 1993 bill (which passed the House 218-217). History has recorded that it launched the most prosperous decade of the 20th century and proved the fallacy of supply-side (“trickle-down”) economics.

In addition, the Clinton tradition of “putting people first” is the foundation of Clinton’s support for a minimum wage increase, enhanced college-tuition assistance and a youth corps which will make money available for students willing to commit two years of service in projects beneficial to everyone.

Clinton’s experience as secretary of state will stand her in good stead to deal with the myriad of problems in the realm of foreign relations.

The entire world is waiting to see how the American people will act on Nov. 8.

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