SGA proposes New Res name

Abby Taylor

Online Content Editor

The Student Government Association (SGA) proposed naming the New Residence Hall (New Res) after Board of Trustees member Lamar P. Higgins, who will ultimately determine its approval.

“It’s (Resolution 2017-008) one of SGA’s requests to the Board of Trustees to consider naming New Residence Hall ‘Lamar P. Higgins,’” said Senator Carter Ray, a sophomore geomatics major from Troy.

Ray said that to name future residence halls, New Res will need to be named.

“It (New Res) doesn’t have a name as it is,” Ray said. “We’re going to have to have a name for it if we construct new residence halls in the future.”

Higgins served as SGA president while attending Troy and served as the student representative on the Board of Trustees. Higgins is now a member of the Troy University System Board of Trustees.

“We (SGA) think that his (Higgins’) service to Troy as an SGA president and as a board member has allowed for unlimited growth,” Ray said.

Ray also said that Higgins has contributed to many areas of campus, and that is why his name is being considered for this change.

“We (SGA) think that his (Higgins) name is proper for that building,” Ray said.

Before New Res can officially have a name, the Board of Trustees must approve the name.

“Its (name change) is up to the Board of Trustees,” Ray said.

If students have any ideas about a name for the dorm, Ray encourages them to give the SGA feedback.

“I expect students to always give us (SGA) their feedback because we can always recommend other names to the Board of Trustees to consider,” Ray said.

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