Students Test Their Knowledge at Presidential Trivia Kahoot Night

by Emmaleigh Clegg

Troy students had the opportunity to test their presidential proficiency on Thursday evening as Troy University’s College Republicans hosted a presidential trivia night to promote their organization. 

   “I figured it would have a broad interest and attract a lot of people that might have some knowledge in U.S history,” said College Republicans member Wesley Bagwell, a senior political science major from Homewood, Alabama. “I think it’s a great way for people to have fun, as well as promote the club to people that might have an interest in politics.”

    Questions from the night ranged in difficulty, from simple questions such as “who was the first president” to more detailed questions, like “who was the first president to be impeached by the house?” Regardless, every student had the opportunity to have fun and potentially learn something new.

  “I really enjoyed hearing all the tidbits and fun facts that Bagwell had to tell us,” said Allison Dehye, a freshman elementary education major from Huntsville, Alabama. “It was very interesting. 

“I don’t have a lot of presidential knowledge, so most of what I knew before coming to this event was just from high school.”

    The winner of Thursday night’s festivities said that doing a lot of reading in his free time is what gave him enough presidential knowledge to win the trivia contest. 

  “I love reading a good autobiography or really anything that is U.S history related,” said senior business major Hunter Weathers, from Ranburne, Alabama. “I find learning about our country fascinating.”

   Weathers also provides some insight into the purposes of the college Republican organization. 

“The college Republicans are made up of different chapters on each college campus across the state,” Weathers said “We consist of groups of like-minded conservative students. 

“We focus on understanding the grassroots of the Republican Party, and getting people out to vote by knocking on doors, making phone calls, etc.” 

   Students who are interested in joining the college republicans club, or attending their events, can follow their Instagram @troycollegerepublicans for additional information. 

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