Seniors say goodbye, reflect on past four years

by Emily Mosier

Years of studying have finally come to an end as seniors prepare to walk across the stage at graduation, and some seniors were happy to have the chance to reflect on their time at Troy University.

For Cet-Ki Williams, a criminal justice major from Montgomery, Alabama, his most memorable experience at Troy was earlier this academic year at the Sunbelt Championship football game.

“The energy in the Vet was amazing, and I met so many cool people,” Williams said. “It felt like I was living through a piece of Troy University history.” 

Marine biology major Destiny Manning said her most memorable experience was jumping in the fountain on the main quad her junior year.

 “I managed to convince a bunch of my friends to do it on a really cold night,” said Manning, a Geneva, Alabama, native. “We had a blast splashing around each other since the fountain was still going.”

Colby Cannon, a communications major from Valley, Alabama, said his most memorable experience was also jumping in the fountain.

“It started pouring down rain, and we all [Freshman Forum] went out to the fountain and jumped in together,” Cannon said. “We were all just living life and enjoying each other’s company.” 

Williams said he is proud to leave behind a legacy at Troy. He is the founder of ‘The Trojan Guild,’ a tabletop RPG (role playing game) club.

“I’ve met some wonderful people through the club, and I can’t wait to see it evolve and grow when I return as an alum,” Williams said.

Manning said her greatest achievement as an undergrad student was the research she conducted on the effect of turbidity on phytoplankton. 

“For the final project in my limnology class, we had to do an actual experiment and present it to the faculty,” Manning said. “We chose a really good topic and we managed to present it well enough that even the teachers were like, ‘this is a good thing.’”

Cannon said he is proud of how involved he was on campus. 

“Being a part of student organizations would be my greatest achievement,” Cannon said. “I was a Trojan Ambassador after I was on Freshman Forum, and I really enjoyed that.”

“Troy has shaped me into the way I am now,” Williams said. “Being exposed to so many different kinds of people have broadened my horizons. 

“I was fortunate enough to get to speak to so many international students, and having that opportunity gave me such a well needed perspective change, and I feel more confident going into social situations.”

Manning is getting married one week after graduation. She plans to stay in Troy for a year, working at a veterinary clinic before moving to Alaska and working as a marine biologist.

Williams will be enrolling in the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law to pursue a career as an attorney.

Cannon will be moving to Birmingham where he will be working for a marketing firm.

All three said they are grateful for the friendships and opportunities they have had at Troy University.

“When I think of Troy, I think of long night walks around the quad before exams, listening to Lil Uzi, busting a gut laughing with my friends in the dining hall during Fried Chicken Wednesday,” Williams said.

“I think of friends I’ve made, how much I’ve grown, and how much I’ve got to look forward to,” Manning said.

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