A farewell for now, but not a goodbye

Alyse Nelson
Features Editor

Though my time at Troy isn’t quite over, and neither is my time with the Trop, my stint as a section editor has come to an end — so I get to write a goodbye!

I started school as a multimedia journalism major with no idea what was going to be my minor.

In a decision I’ve had to explain over and over again, anthropology is now my major. I thought that by switching to a science, the question “So what are you actually going to with that?” would come less often, but that has not been the case.

Of course, there’s a lot of people on the paper who have influenced me and helped me to grow, and I’m so thankful for that.
First, I have to mention Emily Jackson (now Heinkel), the previous features editor, who first thought I could be trusted doing this and trained me.

Working under Chase Robinson as editor-in-chief for my first year as section editor filled most of the gaps in my newspaper knowledge. From mini breakdowns to a fruitless ghost chase, it was almost as fun this past semester has been.

So then there’s the staff I’ve been working with this year!

Tori Roper will take over my spot, and hopefully set the bar even higher for whoever comes after her. It’s been amazing to work with and train her, and I can’t wait to be a writer under her for my last semester on campus.

Ngoc Vo is always answering my questions — no matter how dumb — and has been so encouraging.

April Irvin is not only the photography editor, but she also actually knows everyone in the whole world, and that is very helpful.

Grishma Rimal is on top of everything, all the time, and she still manages to make the newsroom super fun.

Kianna Collins provides the best music for layout night. I also have to thank her for showing me how to turn on the arcade machine in the office so I could be even less productive.

Jane Morrell’s passion to hear the people’s opinion has inspired an anger in me as well for injustices or inequalities on campus, so everyone should submit some letters to the editor!

Samantha Bankester fixes everything I should probably know how to do, but she never points that out.

Michael Shipma may be the “Baby Tropper,” but it’s been great to work with such an awesome editor and also not be the youngest, because he is, well, the baby.

Oh, and of course, Matt Firpo, thanks for always whining with me.

Everyone always has it out for Thomas Gleaton, but I think maybe he did something once or has a redeemable quality — or he did at one point. I don’t know. (But really, though, he’s all right.)

Then there’s Jessica Smith and Nik Knighten, who fix all my mistakes.

All the writers, photographers and everyone who makes the paper possible are all amazing.

It can be discouraging, time-consuming and tedious at times, but I truly consider this newsroom my home on campus.

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