A letter from the editor: We are here to pursue the truth

Zach Henson


Newton Lee gave a charge to journalists to be watchdogs, not lapdogs, to tirelessly search for the hidden truth, holding accountable the powerful who may try to hide from it

The Tropolitan has fought to rise to this challenge since its inception. Even through lawsuits and periods of censorship, its staff has worked to uphold quality and stand as a lighthouse for Troy University’s students and community.

Our world today is one in which “fake news” has become both common and common phrase, but there are still journalists who stand for unbiased truth; the Tropolitan staff strives to be among them.

My predecessor, Sable Riley, wrote in her goodbye column, “Our job is to give people the news, and in that way, be of service to our community.”

Our understanding of this core truth brings the realization that journalism is not just about the people who write but about the people who read and their faith in what they are reading.

We at the Tropolitan want to earn your trust and become your source of information on any issue around Troy University. We pledge to serve you and those who thirst for truth by asking the hard questions and digging for the deeper information because that is when truth shines as light where there is little.

We rely on your support to make our efforts worthwhile. Without that support, the validity of journalism is nulled, but with it, our efforts can provide a light to shine in the darkness.

I urge you all to connect with the Tropolitan, not only in print, but on our website and social media: tropnews.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for breaking news and previews of articles. By interacting with us, you can help shape each issue of the Tropolitan by showing us what you want to know.

In a time when truth and light are often covered and snuffed more than ever, we hope that you depend on the Tropolitan as much as we depend on you. Please feel free to contact us with questions, concerns or ideas or to express interest in joining our team.

As long as truth is sought, journalism is worthwhile.

From all the Tropolitan staff, thank you for your support.

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