Adding words to numbers

Wesley Kirchharr

Sports Editor

My name is Wesley and I’ve been the sports editor for the Trop for two years, and a writer for what seems like forever. I’m not a journalism major, which may seem odd to some, but I’m set to graduate with an accounting degree. 

Most people either chase after words or chase after numbers when they’re choosing a career path, but I’ve had the cool opportunity to get my feet wet in both. 

I’m starting an internship in January with an accounting firm, so my time with the Trop is over, but I think that I’ve actually gained real-world journalism experience through my time with the paper. 

The first thought you have after reading my farewell is probably not, “Man, this kid is a good writer,” (maybe because I’m pushing deadline with this piece) but I think I’ve really gotten to be a better writer and communicator through it all. 

In high school, I covered sports for a local paper and had a lot of fun with it. I reached out to the Trop as an incoming freshman and actually got a scholarship that has helped me out a lot through college. 

People don’t seem to mention their thankfulness for compensation in their resignation letters, but for a college student it just hits different. 

I was thrown into the world of sports reporting, met lots of cool people, made some fun trips and learned a lot. 

One of the best memories of following Troy sports I have is when several buddies and I took a last-minute road trip to see Troy play Kentucky in basketball. 

It was after the football team beat LSU in Baton Rouge and we had a poster that read, “We don’t want Kentucky, we want LSU.” I took the chance to write a recap of the game on the eight-hour trip home, even though Troy lost. 

I’ve very much enjoyed being the sports editor, but one thing I have not enjoyed is delivering all of you readers their papers. I have despised delivering newspapers. Yes, I’m that guy. The one you may have seen walking around campus if you’re out and about at 5 a.m. 

Also, I have a really cool team of writers that are far beyond me, but talk to me like I’m their boss (Scott, Hanna, Kennedy, Dylan). 

So, thanks to everyone who took a chance on someone who really doesn’t know a ton about reporting, writing, or journalism, but has a passion for cool opportunities Thanks, and go Trojans!

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