Administration: MCSX wasp problem handled

Emma Daniel

News Editor

Wasps in the MSCX building used to be a “continuous problem,” according to Scarlett Crouch, a senior chemistry major from Silverhill, but Herbert Reeves, the dean of student services, and the Physical Plant said a worker is “checking daily” for wasps and had not noted any since before spring break. 

Many students were aware of the issue: Micah Brannon, a junior exercise science major from Holt, Florida, took a 20-minute exam on Feb. 28. He said his instructor killed three wasps in a classroom in the MSCX building. 

He and Crouch both said they had not seen any wasps since classes began, and a can of wasp spray was left for students and teachers to use in case any come back.

If students have any more problems with wasps on campus, they should contact the Campus Welfare Committee in SGA.

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