A&E editor: ‘give people a chance’; Kianna Collins gives advice to future Trop writers

Kianna Collins

Arts & Entertainment Editor

A lot of things start with someone giving you a chance.

And a lot of people forget who gave them a chance.

Four years ago, bright-eyed and inexperienced me desperately wanted to write for the Tropolitan. And at one point, I almost quit and went on with my life.

But someone, Jamal Carswell, a former staff writer encouraged me to write for Arts & Entertainment, headed by the editor at the time, Jonathan Bryant (affectionately referred to as JB).

And he gave me a chance. My first article was awful. They totally had to re-write it. Next time, a bit better. We worked together to make me better, and by the end, I was off doing interviews and being a somewhat competent writer.

And for that, JB, I thank you immensely. You gave me a chance, and that’s the best thing you could’ve done for me.

JB and I are friends to this day, and we talk about dumb nerdy stuff all the time still. He’s also managed to introduce me to my favorite games.

JB, it’s been four years. When are you coming back for that BFA in dance, man?

Zachary Winslett had to deal with me my sophomore year, and that was my year of stupid mistakes. I learned a lot from you, and you’ve helped groom me into what I am today. Everything’s MOSTLY Troy related in the Arts & Entertainment section now, so, you did something good encouraging that.

Laura Hutto, former chief copy editor and my former roommate. You’re a queen, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. You taught me how to do column breaks that one time and it has saved my life a lot more than I’d like to admit.

Chase Robinson, our former editor-in-chief talked to me and helped me through a lot inside and out of the paper. He was one of my pillars in the hardest time of my life. Thank you, too, man.

Lacey Alexander, my beloved staff writer. First of all, “A1 since day one.” And if you seek Lacey at any point, she’s probably doing something in the theater department for me.

Sable Riley, future Arts & Entertainment editor. Good luck. I’m here for you.

Sable, you’re a really great writer and I can see you being a better editor than me. Actually, be better than me, please.

Grishma Rimal, our current news editor. Listen. I love you. You’re such a real and down-to-earth person, and I think I’d probably explode without you on staff.

Jane Morrell, our current opinion editor. It’s been four years together. I can’t say any more than that.

Thomas Gleaton, our current chief copy editor. Get outta here. And thanks for being a proverbial punching bag. It helps to let off steam sometimes, and just as a reminder, you suck.

Jessica Smith, a former copy editor and my best friend. I’m not saying that we wouldn’t be as tight as we are without the Trop, but having you around at the Trop made us so much closer. She gets sappy content from me like once a week to be honest, so I’ll spare you all.

Finally, Steve Stewart.

I’ve been through all of his classes, been through his reviews of my page, and even though sometimes I would get really frustrated, I now appreciate all of it.

Also, to Davis Gamble, Candice Butts, Arneisha Robinson and Sarah Graham on the Palladium, you guys are hilarious and we all de-stressed together. Or stressed together.

It’s kind of beautiful.

He’s a good professor and he knows what he’s doing. If he offers help, or gives you any advice, take it. Make it work for you.

And give people a chance.

At the Tropolitan over the years, I’ve seen four different EIC’s, tons of different section editors, crazy stuff, not-so-crazy stuff, and sometimes I’ve felt like a bystander.

And that was OK with me, seeing as how stress makes me freak out in 10 different ways.

I’ve met some lifelong (hopefully, please love me forever) friends at the Tropolitan, and I remember hearing that from one of the senior editors my freshman year. I honestly didn’t believe them at the time.

But, here we are, four years later, having met some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

So thank you all. Thanks to all the people I’ve seen, interviewed and talked to since being a part of the Tropolitan.



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