The Relations Between Iraqi and American Education are Building a Better Future


New Iraq is growing and there is a clear development in the level of academics and the Iraqi government has created numerous scholarships for Iraqi students to study in the United States.

Iraq, under the regime of the former dictator, was devoid of communication with the world, especially in the fields of science and culture.

To help Iraq regain its position among the nations of the world, on Jan. 19, 2009, his Excellency Prime Minister Noori AL-Malki launched the educational Initiative in Iraq, sending Iraqi students to pursue their graduate or undergraduate studies at the world’s best accredited universities. Thus, the program started as a pilot project of sending 612 students for the 2009-2010 academic year. Over a period of five years, ten thousand students were sent to study in all research areas in universities all over the world, but particularly in America. This program was initiated by a foundation called the Higher Community Education Development (HCED) in Iraq.

This institution is characterized by sincerity in its work, the use of modern technologies in their work and provision of all the supplies for their students.

This institution has been opening up to international universities, especially in the U.S., and the exchange of experiences and connectivity through communication.

The hard work of the committee within HCED, from its chairman, Dr. Zuhair and Dr. Abdul Hakim al-Rawi and its staff have distinguished them in the development of the new Iraq and put it among the ranks of advanced countries through communication with American universities.

HCED adopted the idea of referring to international consulting to establish an effective integrated system aiming at promoting the present Iraqi educational level to stand with that of the world.

American universities are famous worldwide for their quality and guaranteed excellence in facilities, resources, faculty and operations. Unlike universities elsewhere, American universities have maintained high standards.

Troy University, for example, is characterized by campus security and by its teaching staff who treat international students like family and the use of modern scientific methods.

In the end, Iraqi students would like to thank our government for sending outstanding students to America.


Iraqi press, Ahmed Brisam

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